The OnsetX HS, the latest addition to the OnsetX printer series, offers increased print productivity, greater automation and reduced operator intervention, resulting in a significantly more productive printer.

The OnsetX HS’s presence is driven by three main attributes: quality, productivity and price. On the quality side, for our core customer base, the 14 picoliter FUJIFILM Dimatix QS14 printheads offer the “sweet-spot” in print quality. Onset’s class-leading image quality is attributed to Fujifilm Inkjet Technology including FUJIFILM Dimatix printheads and Fujifilm Uvijet inks. In addition to drop size, a full-width printhead array spans the entire width of the print bed, eliminating textural banding that is sometimes associated with traditional step and repeat scanning technology. Uvijet inks are formulated specifically for the Onset to perform at high print speeds, and meet the performance demands across a wide range of both rigid and flexible substrates.

“With non-stop focus and commitment to innovation and growth in the wide format inkjet printing market, Fujifilm is excited to continue its long-term relationship with Inca Digital and introduce the OnsetX HS, an additional class-leading printer, to our ever-evolving industry, setting new standards in productivity and throughput,” said Becky McConnell, product marketing manager, FUJIFILM North America Corpration, Graphic Systems Division.

As for productivity, increases in productivity are an ongoing development requirement. For example, the OnsetX3 HS is the most sold configuration at a ratio of roughly 4:1 relative to the OnsetX1 and X2 HS configurations, while burst capacity and expedited job turnaround time is increasingly important for today’s printers.

From a pricing standpoint, as digital print for the POP and graphics segment becomes more mature, price sensitivity and competition continues to grow and stand- ing out from the crowd becomes increasingly important.


One of the most alluring qualities of the HS is that its features increase the headline productivity of the machine in all print modes, which means even greater print speeds from the same trusted printers. This is achieved by increasing the print jetting frequencies while ensuring print quality and stability is not compromised.

The HS also offers an optimized 2-pass print mode, titled “Single Cycle.” Jetting frequencies and drop placement has improved relative to the previous 2-pass, and the OX ink technology means adhesion to plastic media can be achieved in the “Single Cycle” mode.

The OnsetX HS also offers automated side shutters and automated table skin adjustment. The HS’s UV shutters are automatically adjusted dependent on media size. In the past, the operator would need to open the side of the machine and manually adjust the shutter on both sides of the machine. With additional automated features, the OnsetX HS is the pinnacle of productivity.

The automated table skin adjustment was previously a manual task, and as a result is rarely adjusted. By automating this process, zero-masking is much more achievable resulting in even fewer operator interventions and therefore increased uptime and faster job turnaround.

With productivity and throughput as a priority, a key feature of the OnsetX HS is the 30 second set-up, which defines the time it takes to change job types in the new fully automated mode. This includes robot effector adjustments, table skin adjustments and side shutter adjustments, and cuts set-up time from 10-15 minutes down to 30 seconds, not including substrate stack changes. With the productivity potential to send your business to the next level, the OnsetX HS is revolutionizing wide format printing.

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