UV inkjet thermoforming inks

Uvijet KV inks are exclusively designed for the production of decorative print in deep draw thermoforming applications.

Fujifilm Uvijet KV inks have been developed to be printed on the Acuity Select and Acuity Select HS* UV inkjet press platforms, opening up many new creative design and customization opportunities for thermoformed products. *Uvijet KV is also compatible with a number of previous Acuity models, check with your Fujifilm representative for compatibility.

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Experience the Latest in Acuity Ink Chemistry

Fujifilm Uvijet KV inks feature:

  • New ink technology developed specifically for deep-draw thermoforming
  • Outstanding adhesion range to wide range of media
  • Excellent finishing properties; bending, creasing, routing, guillotining
  • UV cure for immediate use
  • Vibrant CMYK+W color set
  • Near photographic print quality
  • Recommended use for both internal and external applications
  • Anti-reflective low satin finish

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