This blog is the third of a three-part series discussing the positive attributes of UV-curable ink technologies as presented in a panel discussion at IT Strategies’ Digital Packaging Summit by Mike Barry, Fujifilm Product Marketing Manager – Digital Solutions.

How UV-curable inkjet technology adds new flexibility in hybrid printing

Hybrid printing, like the versatile Graphium, marries the benefits of digital UV-curable inkjet printing with all the same finishing applications that flexo offers such as die cutting, slitting, inspection, foiling, lamination and more all in line. Print inline flexo or digital using the same substrates you use today: paper, PE, PET, PP, Vinyl and metalized material.

Innovations in inkjet technology have driven the inter-compatibility between UV inkjet and UV flexo to achieve color matching results that rival traditional flexo plus new over and under white capabilities able to stand up to the high speeds of label production.

Hybrid presses enable printers to produce “fit for purpose” labels regardless of application. New technological breakthroughs in UV and flexo inks combine to provide superior resistance to label-specific challenges like chemicals, water and weather while enhancing opportunities to maximize profitability on every job by expanding color gamuts to match difficult brand colors, applying heavier white and colors, and more.

“The ability to print a job using analog, digital, or a combination of both all in-line on the same machine provides label convertors a new competitive advantage.”
— Mike Barry, Product Marketing Manager Digital Solutions, Fujifilm

Incorporating UV digital ink as part of your flexo inline solution enables label printers to produce short, medium and specialty work with virtually no set-up time. Digital hybrid presses are ideally suited for the increase in demand for shorter run and incorporation of variable data requests without any sacrifice in finishing capabilities.

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