This blog is the second of a three-part series discussing the positive attributes of UV-curable ink technologies as presented in a panel discussion at IT Strategies’ Digital Packaging Summit by Mike Barry, Fujifilm Product Marketing Manager – Digital Solutions.

What makes UV-curable inkjet technology a good fit for Label Printing?

UV and UV-LED inkjet technologies are ideally suited for Tag and Label applications across a myriad of industries including Manufacturing, Personal Care, Industrial, and Home & Garden. While most Tag and Label printing today remains traditional flexo, UV Inkjet and Hybrid Printing is growing annually at near double digit rates. A trend that is expected to continue due to the unique advantages exhibited by UV inkjet:

  • Prints on a wide range of substrates, including those with unique strength and adhesive qualities
  • Cost effectively handles multiple short print runs with variable data and in-line finishing
  • Produces vibrant colors using ink technology that are resistant to chemicals, moisture and light
  • Tag and labels produced with UV-curable inkjet are also rub, scuff and scratch-resistant

UV-curable inkjet and UV-LED also prints at higher speeds compared to water based inks, and because heat is not required in the curing process, UV inks are well suited to the printing of thinner substrates where high heat can create distortion. UV inks are also ideal for shrink sleeve applications where elongation of the inks required.

“Digital printing in the Label Segment has been limited mostly to toner based devices until recent. UV Inkjet allows converts to move more and more labels in different segments such as Industrial, without having to protect the inks with expensive varnishes or laminates.” — Mike Barry, Fujifilm Product Marketing Manager – Digital Solutions

UV-curable inkjet is also applicable to most corrugated applications and even some folding carton applications. Recent curing techniques of UV using nitrogen has opened up new opportunities within flexible packaging, including food packaging.

For a more intensive review of Fujifilm UV-curable inkjet inks for packaging, visit Fujifilm Packaging Insights.

In the UV Ink Series 3, we’ll answer the question: Do we expect digital printing technologies to eventually replace analog print technology?