As part of a five-part series on trends in product development that impact wide-format printing, Big Picture earlier this year published an article on the importance new breakthroughs in inkjet technology have had in expanding the market opportunities for printers (“Think About Ink,” Big, April 2016).

“Today’s users are asking inkjet inks to do more and perform at a higher standard. In response, ink chemists are refining their processes purifying their ingredients, and developing new formulations.” — Vince Cahill, VCE Solutions

Fujifilm North America was one of several ink producers featured in the article, but unlike most of the other companies mentioned, Fujifilm does not need to go outside of the organization to tap into the inkjet expertise needed to integrate inkjet printing systems and formulate inkjet chemistry. Fujifilm Research & Development designs and manufactures UV, LED, Aqueous and dye-based digital inks with patented formulations developed to meet the unique characteristics of various printheads.

One example of a breakthrough application Fujifilm R&D has helped spearhead is the use of inkjet technologies in dimensional printing, like thermoforming.

Fujifilm’s thermoforming digital inkjet line, Uvijet KV, will be showcased September 27 – 28 at the 25th Annual SPE Thermoforming Conference® at the Renaissance Shaumburg Convention Center Hotel outside of Chicago. Created specifically to run on the Acuity Select series of wide format printers, Uvijet KV inks are exclusively designed for the production of decorative print in deep draw thermoforming applications. The inks exhibit exceptional 1,000% elongation, outstanding adhesion on a wide range of thermoformed media, a vibrant CMYK + W color set, and excellent finishing properties specifically tailored to the bending, creasing, routing, guillotining of thermoforming printing.

Heather Roden, Acuity product marketing manager, will be attending the SPE Thermoforming Conference and posting pictures and insights she encounters over the two days. Follow her on LinkedIn or on twitter at #HkRoden.