A Profitable Solution

Onset Corrugated Modular DesignFujifilm’s system for corrugated printing enables you to produce the same broad range of work you might be doing today, but with much faster turnarounds and is a profitable solution for short runs. Even one-off proofs can be made on the same press.

Fujifilm’s UV inkjet printing process produces near-offset print quality, but with stronger, more vibrant colors, producing prints with high visual impact.

Because not every corrugated print business is the same, Fujifilm has designed a modular system for corrugated print production, consisting of three parts: printer, ink and media handling. Within each part there are multiple options, so the system can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Onset X3-C

The powerful Onset X has established itself as the leading UV flatbed platform for the production of high quality, high impact display graphics with outstanding productivity. Onset printers are built with Inca’s Scalable Architecture design, which allows a machine to be tailored to meet individual business needs at the time of initial investment, and then allows for future expansion as business needs change  and advance.

Onset printers are built to deliver three things we know are important :

Business efficiency: Onset offers better efficiency and productivity, producing like-for-like print quality at higher throughput than any other UV inkjet machine.Onset X3_image

Business development: Onset enables the produc
tion of high run length jobs which until now were not viable by inkjet.

Low investment risk: Onset is powerful enough to pay for itself in as few as six months. As a business model it gives owners the opportunity to plan their business with much more confidence.

Capable of printing over 9,600 ft2/hour (900 m2/hour), equivalent to 180 beds/hour with R printheads, the Onset X3 features 3 x CMYK ink channels plus the choice of white or orange. The Onset X3 sits at the pinnacle of productivity. With this printer, users of analog screen printing lines can take the digital
route, confident they can print long runs of high-quality print with consistency and reliability.

Uvijet OL Inks

Uvijet OL has been developed to decorate sheet-fed corrugated and display boards for POP applications such as free standing display units typically used for packaging and POP displays. It can also be used effectively on paper and display boards. Uvijet OL is not recommended for direct or indirect

Features Of Uvijet Ink PackageUvijet OL Inks: 

• Excellent flexibility on display and corrugated board
• Fast cure for high production output
• Very low print odor
• Adjustable print finish (satin – high gloss)
• 5 kg open top containers for ease of use


Environmental features of OL Inks: 

• Do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals as described in the Montreal Convention
• Are formulated free from aromatic hydrocarbons
• Are free from any volatile solvent and can therefore be considered to have less impact on the environment when compared to solvent-based products

Clinchtech Handling System

Very short runs and one-off jobs can be printed with manual loading and takeoff, but a fast and powerful handling system is vital for Onset to perform to its full capacity for longer runs.

There are three automation options for Onset, from a semi-automatic (manual load and automatic take-off ) configuration, to a fully automatic loading, takeoff and stacking system designed specifically to handle difficult materials like unconditioned corrugated board.

The Clinchtech handling system for the Onset X series of printers is a fully
automatic loading and unloading for corrugated board.

Key Features:
• Available as fully automatic or semi-automatic options
• Load side can be supplied to best suit factory install
• 8 second transfer time
• 2/3 multisheet tiling
• 55 (25 kg) maximum load

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