Intersign Corp. strives to bring work back in-house with Fujifilm partnership

originally seen in Canvas Magazine, April 2020 The Customer Sign Artisans. If you are looking for a name that helps define everything and anything about Intersign Corporation, you can start there. Incorporated in 1987, the Chattanooga, Tennessee based company has become an industry leader in designing and producing high quality interior and exterior signs for healthcare and long-term care facilities, hotels, businesses, restaurants, apartment complexes, and more. The Intersign team, which also operates a satellite plant in Springboro, Ohio, runs three shifts, [...]

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Stouse: Screen Printing Star [Partner Story]

PUTTING CUSTOMERS’ REPUTATIONS FIRST. If there is an edict that the Stouse team follows on a day-to-day basis, it is about looking out for their distributors. They know resellers are handing them more than just a job, they are handing them their reputation. The philosophy of treating people as business partners, not transactions, is one of the three tenets that has help fashion the success of the wholesale trade printer. [...]

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Stronger Together

Your partners are critical to your success in today’s ‘free-agent’ nation It’s a simple concept, really: We are stronger together than we are apart. A team effort usually sidesteps an individual attempt toward most endeavors. Given the "free agent” nation where we now live, how have your company’s marketing strategies changed? Over and again, printers find they can no longer accomplish their goals without finding good partners. While engaging with [...]

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