In a recently published article from Digital Output (“The Widening World of the Graphic Arts: State of the Industry 2016.” August, 2016), author Melissa Donovan recapped some of the hottest trends and new applications in the industry so far this year. In particular, the evolution of product innovations and their affect on how print service providers (PSPs) are able to increase job efficiencies has been one of the lead stories for 2016.

“Advancements met with open arms are those that save a print provider time and money, while still delivering the level of quality and reliability expected from the customer.” — Melissa Donovan, Digital Output, August 2016

The upcoming 2016 SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, September 14–16) will bring together the industry’s widest array of qualified and educated attendees to experience unrivaled technology, markets and opportunities in the areas highlighted in the Digital Output article: printers, finishing devices, ink, media and software. Fujifilm will be displaying at Booth 1119 several breakthrough technological enhancements from many of these categories, including:

  • Printers and Finishing Devices – SGIA will be the North American debut of the new Acuity Select HS 30 series which redefines the ability of PSPs to deliver fine art quality printing. In addition, several new features further boost productivity of this latest addition to the Acuity family of wide format printers – the most widely sold flatbed in its class. The new Onset X Series allows print service providers to configure their Onset X printer for the combination of productivity, color and quality that best matches their changing production requirements. One productivity enhancement highlighted in the Digital Output article was how vendors are developing more efficient ways to load and unload materials. The new Onset X automation system reduces handling time to just 6 seconds.
  • Specialty Ink – FUJIFILM Specialty Ink Systems have long focused on application specialized inks with offerings for POP, corrugated and the thermoforming market. An example is Uvijet KV which introduces an incredible 1000% elongation factor to the digital thermoforming industry.
  • Software – Fully integrated workflow systems and standalone software products have become mission critical tools for today’s PSPs. Fujifilm will be displaying the latest in technology for wide format workflow solutions, featuring premier partner solutions Caldera and ColorGATE. These RIPs support the latest APPE technology providing the fastest RIP speeds on the market so printers can keep up with their production needs. Additionally, both RIPs have top class color management engines to consistently control color./li>
  • Printing Customization – Another growing trend for PSPs quoted from the Digital Output article is the rise of non-traditional client groups. “Customization is at play here as well. Interior designers have seen the benefits of digital and are adapting it into home and out-of-home jobs.” Another new Fujifilm press, the Uvistar Hybrid 320 is ideally suited for handling these customized decorating requests because of its ability to quickly and efficiently switch between flexible and rigid materials.

  • For more information on the rest of the Fujifilm productivity enhancing line-up at the 2016 SGIA Expo, as well as an opportunity to register for a Free Pass to the Show, visit here.