All companies are subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard – and SGIA’s newly developed Right to Know Training (RTK) program helps companies and employees to comply with OSHA’s most recent changes.

The RTK program is intended to become an integral part of a company’s own hazard communication/PPE program, which is required by OSHA of all industry employers. Companies can further prevent citations and fines by presenting SGIA’s program to employees as well as taking advantage of OSHA’s free on-site consultation program. The RTK program aims to keep the workplace safe by providing the following:

  • A DVD that covers new hazard warning labels, safety sheets and personal protective equipment in the workplace
  • Complete templates for a company’s written program and for listing all hazardous chemicals
  • A safety poster detailing all of OSHA’s new hazard warning elements and pictograms
  • Employee guides
  • A copy of OSHA’s new Hazard Communication Standard

Fujifilm implements such programs as part of its internal Design for Health, Safety and Environment policy regarding the use of chemicals. The company has also received Nordic Ecolabel certification on a number of its Uvijet ink ranges. Receipt of this certification reinforces Fujifilm’s Green Policy and commitment to manufacture products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance, while adhering to its internal hazardous communication program.

“Fujifilm assists in providing transparent hazardous chemical communications with industry partners like SGIA, rest assured in knowing we are always striving to achieve a better standard in being a green company.” – Heather Roden, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Fujifilm

The Nordic Ecolabel is a well-known environmental labelling scheme that contributes to sustainable consumption. As a socially responsible corporation, Fujifilm actively undertakes corporate activities with its environmental values in mind. Fujifilm strives to be a dedicated steward of the environment and assists its customers and corporate partners in doing the same.