Edison Retail Solutions is heavily focused on in-store retail marketing and POP displays. The ability to quickly produce high-quality, large format signage is vital to the success of their business. Their clients often need large runs produced with quick turnaround times. With the Onset X3, they are able to do so with remarkable speed and quality.

“Our customers demand on-time delivery, lower cost and better quality. The Onset X3 delivers all of these.” – Kevin Neureuter, CEO of Edison Retail Solutions

It’s key to know that the throughput capabilities of the Onset X3 give print providers the opportunity to not just profitably produce short run jobs, but also move longer runs from traditional processes to digital. Before Edison Retail Solutions switched to the Onset X3 for their retail print jobs they were printing only 10-15 percent of what they are capable of with the Onset X3. Now they are able to print upwards of 200 boards an hour, where they used to max out at 30-45 boards an hour.

Customer demands for quality continue to rise and productivity is key to getting jobs out the door faster. Neither can be compromised. The Onset X normally jets a 14 picoliter drop. But with Tier Drop technology, operators can increase or decrease drop size for greater quality or increased speed enabling Onset to achieve both remarkable speeds and stunning quality. The fact that litho-laminating jobs can now be produced by printing direct to board enables Edison Retail Solutions to meet customer quality expectations with a faster turnaround. They also achieve additional efficiency in post-print processes.

“The Onset X3 has exceeded our expectations in quality and transformed our business to provide faster runs,” says Neureuter.

In today’s competitive world, to be the best of the best, you have to be able to always say “yes” to your clients and potential clients. Investing in a piece of equipment that gives you the power to get jobs out the door faster, and to do that profitably while exceeding the customer’s quality expectations is the foundation for a successful operation with a protected future.

“It’s able to give us a machine and tool that we can use now to be able to get customers jobs done faster. The whole reason for bringing [the Onset X3] in was the speed of it. Being able to get a job in, turn in and ship it the same day in high quantities – that’s what it’s all about.” – Tony Hernandez, Digital Print Supervisor at Edison Retail Solutions

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