The Inca Onset X1 and X2 allow quicker turns and increased revenue for sustained growth at Minneapolis-based Graphic Systems.

For over 50 years, Graphic Systems has been satisfying customers with their visionary spin on the retail landscape in marketing, POP buildouts, and graphics.

“We made our decision to purchase two Onset printers because of the quality,” said Herm Kauls, chairman, Graphic Systems. “The capabilities they each have are really second to none. We are acquiring additional business because of the output quality.”

 The Onset X1, producing 4,304 square feet per hour (80 beds/hour) features eight active channels, with four channels printing CMYK, and the remaining channels configured as needed using a combination of Light magenta, Light cyan, White, and Orange (Lm, Lc, W, O).

With a maximum throughput of 6,889 square feet per hour, equating to 128 beds per hour (126.8” x 63”) the Onset X2 is ideal for companies such as Graphic Systems producing fast-turnaround high quality retail graphics. A choice of print modes and settings can be selected depending on the specific job requirements, allowing for the flexibility needed in today’s competitive landscape.

“The Onset X1 and X2 allow us to continue our growth,” said Steve Ferris, president, Graphic Systems.

Kauls and Ferris know their customers are looking for quality, service, and price. “If you don’t have all three, you don’t get to talk with the customer,” said Ferris.

Says Kauls, “In regards to the turnaround times we are able to produce with our Onset X2, we are running a high number of boards per hour, along with the amazing quality with the over/under whites. These aspects allow us to enhance our service to the customer.”

At Graphic Systems, their motto is ‘Where Brands go Big’ and with a largely retail client roster of well-known global brands, including department stores where flesh tones are very important, the Onset X1 and X2 will continue to deliver excellence and consistency on various types of substrates to meet client demands.

In the retail signage and display market, an increased number of ink channels and color options allow PSPs to expand their services.

“Having White ink is very important for us given the various materials that we print on, allowing us to do a number of different jobs,” said Ferris. “We are able to have a variety of different color combinations, allowing for maximum flexibility with PETG, reverse printing on various other materials, as well as the floor graphics we produce.”

“When you look at our workload, the Onset printers have allowed us to increase our capacity,” concludes Kauls.

The Onset Series is distributed exclusively in North America by FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

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