Onset X2

Onset X2 Description

With a maximum throughput of 6,889 ft²/hour equating to 128 5’ x 10’ beds/hour, Onset X2 is ideal for companies producing fast-turnaround retail graphics. As the business expands, Onset X2 provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs companies can handle. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity while an optional six LmLcWO channels can be populated to add versatility and superb quality. A choice of unidirectional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

Using Fujifilm Dimatix drop-on-demand printheads with a native 14 picoliter drop size, innovative Tier Drop technology allows 11 – 14 – 17 picoliter options to meet changing speed and quality needs.

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Choice of Color Configurations on the Onset X2

X2 color configurations

Onset X2 Features

25 Zone ‘No Masking’ Vacuum Bed – Featuring a powerful new vacuum system and choice of table skin design, the need for bed masking is eliminated, whatever the substrate size, and greatly reduces set-up times for the most common POP substrates and increases throughput of short-run, fast-turnaround print. Vacuum zones are independently controlled and the auto zone function allows it to be easily managed by the operator.

Simple User Interface – Touch screen GUI makes it easy to finalize and initiate jobs, save settings, create print queues and manage and optimize every stage of the print process. Improved off-machine job set-up means jobs arrive at the printer with more predefined parameters – substrates, print speed, quality mode, gloss level, etc – already specified.

iNozzle Technology – An onboard scanner locates any under-performing nozzles and automatically assigns a reserve printhead to jet ink to make a perfect image.

Inca Software Suite – Provides operators with a complete suite of productivity-enhancing software including Reporter Pro, Inca Vision and Print Run Control (PRC).

Choice of Automation Systems – Increase the throughput of the Onset X2 by reducing manual change out of materials with the optional 3/4 Automation system or fully-automated feed system.

How X2 Models Stack Up

Mode R Beds/Hour S beds/hour
4 Pass Bi-Di Satin-Gloss 145-90
6 Pass Bi-Di Satin-Gloss 128-90 129-84
8 Pass Bi-Di Satin-Gloss 100-74 98-91
12 Pass Bi-Di Satin-Gloss 75-60

Beds per hour speeds based on 5’x10′ sheets

Onset X2 Specifications

Print Area: 126.8″ x 63″ (edge to edge printing)

Print Finish: variable, satin to gloss

Maximum Substrate Thickness: 1.8″ (46mm)

Space Required:  Manual – 49.3’ X 19.5’ (15.0 m x 5.9 m) (including space for exclusion zones, door opening and access) + Chiller
3/4 Automation – Long Edge – 47.6’ x 34.8’ (14.5 m x 10.6 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
3/4 Automation – Short Edge – 55.8’ x 23.3’ (17 m x 7.1 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
Hostert Automation (includes 10’ width for fork truck access) – Long Edge – 47.6’ x 37.7’ (14.5 m x 11.5 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
Hostert Automation (includes 10’ width for fork truck access) – Short Edge – 55.8’ x 37.7’ (17 m x 11.5 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller

The Uvijet family of inks offers excellent adhesion and flexibility. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including banners, POP, backlit images, exhibition graphics, signage, printing onto glass, metal, acrylic and board. The Onset X2 uses Uvijet OW-series UV curable inks (CMYKLcLmOW)

  • Caldera Grand RIP + (Fujifilm edition): Support for over 800 printers and cutters. Analyze cost on each job printed. Helps designers make corporate spot colors with new Color Book.
  • ColorGATE Production Server (Fujifilm edition): One RIP solution, offering support for over 750 printers and cutters. Sync color between multiple printers with easy 3-step process.

Inca Vision remote diagnostics software is like OnStar service for ink on press. Your Onset X support team can monitor your press remotely and be automatically notified if any performance degradation occurs. Ensures maximum productivity and press uptime.

What Clients Say about Onset X2

“We reviewed the market extensively before choosing a high-end digital flatbed machine that would allow us to print directly and efficiently onto different substrates. The consistent quality and outstanding throughput demonstrated by the double CMYK configured Onset impressed us, and we soon knew that it was the best fit for our production environment.”
Richard Budgen, Wilmot Budgen, Managing Director, United Kingdom