The Onset Effect

OnsetX is, quite simply, the ultimate printing machine in productivity, profitability and print quality. OnsetX takes the Scalable Architecture concept of future-proof technology even further to provide the most complete range of high-quality, high-performance large format UV printers. The OnsetX1, OnsetX2 HS and OnsetX3 HS produce the widest spectrum of POP graphics, from everyday signage to the highest quality backlit displays for demanding markets such as cosmetics and luxury goods.

Robust, steel frame build quality means consistent quality print, year after year. Inca Vision remote diagnostics provide you an OnStar-like experience to maintain optimum performance. In addition, Onset delivers the smoothest, single-hit whites, with the industry’s best opacity.

Key to this flexibility – and unique among high-end large-format flatbed printers – is the 14-channel design of every OnsetX. And because Inca has engineered modularity into the Onset platform, upgrades can be carried out onsite and completed in a few days, minimizing downtime.

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See how the OnsetX3 HS has Artisan Complete POP Display and Instore Retail Marketing business.

OnsetX Family of Wide Format Printers

Like previous Onset printers, the OnsetX combines the best of Inca and Fujifilm hardware, software and ink.

OnsetX Features:

  • 25-zone ‘no masking’ vacuum table
  • Intuitive touch screen GUI
  • Robust construction
  • iNozzle mapping
  • Optimized Fujifilm Uvijet inks
  • High-speed shuttering system

OnsetX HS Features:

  • Single Cycle print mode and faster print speeds
  • Increased productivity and faster automated media handling
  • 30-Second Set Up with automated features and reduced operator intervention

OnsetX Choice of handling options: All models in the OnsetX1, X2 HS and X3 HS ranges are available with a variety of handling options for larger substrates of up to 126.8” x 63” (3.22m x 1.6m) and thicknesses up to 1.8 inches (46mm).

OnsetX Application Examples

Check out this short video of window vinyl applications being produced using the OnsetX wide format press.

Experience the OnsetX wide format producing personalized table tops in this short video.


This video serves up dimensional menu boards compliments of the Onset X wide format.

Watch as the OnsetX wide format press makes quick work of profitable backlit signage applications.


Product Details

The Onset X1-LT flatbed UV printer provides the amazing, market-leading print quality expected from the Onset series with production speeds that help your business grow. As the need for throughput increases, an easy upgrade path allows the LT to build to a full OnsetX1. At initial install, The X1-LT is capable of producing sellable output of 40 5′ x 10′ full size beds per hour with manual handling.

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With a maximum throughput of 4,304 ft2/hour equating to 80 5’ x 10’ beds/hour, OnsetX1 is ideal for companies producing a mix of fast-turnaround retail graphics for distance viewing and high-quality images for close-up viewing.

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As the business expands, OnsetX2 HS provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs on the printer. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity – 159 5’ x 10’ beds/hour – while an optional six LmLcWO channels can be populated to add versatility and superb quality.

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Capable of printing in excess of 15,500 ft2/hour equating to 283 5’ x 10’ beds per hour, using 14 -picoliter printheads, the OnsetX3 HS sits at the pinnacle of productivity. With OnsetX3 HS, users of analogue screen printing lines can take the digital route, confident they can print long runs of high-quality output with superb consistency and reliability. The 14 channels feature three sets of CMYK plus the choice of white or orange.

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Not every corrugated print business is the same, so Fujifilm has designed a modular system for corrugated print production, consisting of three parts: printer, ink and media handling. Within each part there are multiple options, so the system can be tailored to meet your specific needs today and in the future.

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