Let’s face it, there are many things in our lives we don’t want to change. Change can be difficult. It can be messy and disruptive. Unless there is a compelling reason to change many people opt for the status quo. Doing what you’ve always done is predictable. It’s safe. Or is it?

Do you remember this old saying?

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

While you may feel secure with your current print processes, with all of the innovations in printing technology available to the printing community, doing what you’ve always done may not be the right pathway to future success. Commercial printers who continue to just do commercial work may find themselves struggling to grow and maintain profits. Commercial print volumes are in decline, and industry over-capacity often results in increased competition, lower prices and thinner margins. This alone can be a compelling reason to consider a change in strategy.

At Fujifilm we are seeing more and more commercial printers reinventing themselves by diversifying into new areas to grow their business. Packaging is one of the areas we see being adopted quite widely. After all, packaging is growing at a rapid pace.

In a recent Printing Impressions article, Kevin Karstedt of Karstedt Partners was quoted, saying “Commercial printers are looking for ways to strengthen their product offerings and their bottom lines; packaging may be a way to do that.”

One printer that diversified its business into the packaging market is Color Ink of Sussex WI. Starting as a commercial printer back in 1984, Color Ink’s business model has evolved far beyond commercial print. Today, the company capitalizes on opportunities in packaging to produce sample runs of prototype folding cartons. And, they do it by utilizing both offset and digital printing presses.

Todd Meissner, left, President, Color Ink, stands proudly next to the J Press 720S along with his son, Austin, Sales and Sourcing Manager.

Color Ink runs longer-run jobs on its six-color, 40˝ Komori Lithrone press configured with UV printing and coating capabilities, and shorter runs on their Fujifilm J Press 720S sheet-fed inkjet press. Watch Color Ink’s Owner Perspectives video to discover more about their journey to diversify and grow their business.

Change doesn’t have to be radical or difficult to be effective. It can be an accelerant for growth in your business and can lead to more profitability. Just like Color Ink, commercial printers can leverage current capabilities to serve new markets while adding new capabilities such as digital inkjet to capitalize on new opportunities.

If you believe now is the time to think outside the box at opportunities in the packaging market, you can learn more at Fujifilm Packaging Insights.