Meeting demand and improving customer experience. When it comes to what puts a print service provider on speed dial for businesses working in today’s dramatically changing business landscape, those two qualities are ones that hit the mark. Ask Nathan Rathjen, General Manager for Newman Print, and he will say that showing your customers you can easily accommodate priority and rush jobs puts you one step closer to closing the deal.

 The business that Newman Print works in plays fast. Its customers need traffic signs, billboards, posters, vinyl posters, banners, specialty signs, etc. When Rathjen and his team are contracted for a job, they must produce high-quality and high-volume products, on deadline. 

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you have to perform consistently.

That is why when Newman Print, a division of nationally acclaimed Newman Signs, wanted to bolster its equipment portfolio, it needed to find a partner that was as committed to hitting every mark as it was. Newman Print’s research led it to Fujifilm’s 5 meter Acuity Ultra printer, the superwide roll-to-roll printer that is ideal for outdoor applications as well as the high-end indoor display market. The Jamestown, North Dakota printer already was familiar with Fujifilm’s capabilities, having installed an Acuity Select HS flatbed printer in 2017.

As Rathjen says, the Acuity Ultra printer fit into each of the key requirements Newman Signs outlined for its new investment. First, the printer needed to be reliable and state of the art, i.e., provide the best image quality. It also needed to be versatile, which would allow the Newman Signs’ team to use it for a wide range of applications. In addition, it was critical that the printer had the capability to increase productivity and the vendor offer a cost-efficient solution. 

“Fujifilm met all of the key criteria,” Rathjen says. “Meeting demand and improving our customer experience, is due, in part, to equipping our facility with the right technology. Compared to our previous printer, the Acuity Ultra has allowed us to increase production and capacity by 40-45%.”

Rathjen says the increased printing speed helps position his team to handle high-volume requests from current and new customers, which has helped its business grow. 

 Available in 3.2 meter and 5 meter models, the Acuity Ultra printer is ideal for the high-end indoor display market, especially for luxury brands where close viewing requires exceptional quality. With its massive format size, multi-roll potential and impressive speed, Acuity Ultra provides the ability to profitably create customer interior design elements, soft signage, exhibition graphics, point-of-purchase displays, high-value graphic art, backlit displays, and more. 

Successful printing on multiple substrates was another important mark in the Acuity Ultra’s plus column for Newman signs. “One of the things that really performs well on the Acuity Ultra is the 3-ounce polyethylene,” Rathjen says. “We assumed we’d have a ton of issues because it’s so thin, slippery and prone to static, but we’ve had no issues with it. That has been a pleasant surprise. Substrates that we thought would be an issue haven’t been. The ink seems to cure perfectly, doesn’t crack, and doesn’t scratch.”

In the end, as Rathjen stressed, there are advantages to going with a known provider—one that has been a valuable part of your portfolio. “Choosing the right printer was vital. The team looked at a number of options and it was clear that Fujifilm would meet our needs. They are a trusted provider. You can count on them to provide an exceptional printing solution—such as the 5-meter Acuity Ultra printer—and steadfast support that goes well beyond the initial sale.”

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