Watch this short three minute video from the 2015 SGIA Expo where Terry Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, showcases the eye-catching print samples wall, featured in Fujifilm’s 5,000 square foot booth on the show floor, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The video unveils new breakthroughs in Fujifilm ink and press technologies, including:

  • A pictorial review of many of the 178 unique print samples displayed throughout the booth.
  • Information about how adding orange to the Uvijet OW ink for the Onset Series and Uvijet US ink for the new Uvistar Hybrid 320 press expands the color gamut to allow printers more versatility in matching corporate colors.
  • Recent breakthroughs in white and clear inks for the popular Acuity LED 1600 II, Acuity Select and Acuity Select HS press series.
  • How matching new inks and press technologies with interesting and unique substrates can create prints that stand out at the point-of-sale.

See how Fujifilm is bringing new innovative solutions to life in ways you once could only imagine.