When it comes to color, accuracy matters. That’s why more and more printers are turning to Fujifilm’s ColorPath® SYNC™ Brand Color Optimizer™ to get it right—the first time. One of the most accurate solutions on the market, ColorPath SYNC helps you quickly determine if the desired brand color is accurate and in or out of gamut for a particular print condition.

And when it comes to meeting your customer’s expectations—and deadline—the ColorPath SYNC can help raise your game to the next level.

Thanks to the ColorPath SYNC Brand Color Optimizer, you receive fast, accurate, cost-effective brand color libraries. You also are able to easily optimize an entire PANTONE® color library in less than an hour, as well as get quick reports on predicted and actual color accuracy. All you have to do is profile your print condition with ColorPath SYNC DLP, load the profile to predict color accuracy of the library and optimize the library, and print the charts and measure to verify the results.

Whether you use Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow or another workflow system, ColorPath SYNC is designed to be an easy-to-use web platform to manage color across multiple output devices. The cloud-based system also features the ColorPath SYNC Align, ColorPath SYNC DLP and ColorPath SYNC Ink Optimization (IO)—color management solutions designed to meet the highest color standards.

And like any other Fujifilm product, the ColorPath SYNC and ColorPath SYNC Brand Color Optimizer are backed by Fujifilm’s Professional Services team— which offers more G7 experts than any other company in the commercial print industry.

Breaking down your ColorPath Sync

COLORPATH SYNC ALIGN. This “Cloud Based” color management solution creates G7 Curves and ISO Curves for the pressroom using iterative and unique color adjustments to achieve the highest color standards.

COLORPATH SYNC DLP. A “Cloud Based” color management solution that enables you to continually and efficiently optimize color. The solution is designed to optimize color for digital presses and inkjet proofing solutions.

COLORPATH SYNC INK OPTIMIZATION (IO). The “Cloud Based” color management solution is capable of creating high-quality Ink Optimized Device Link Profiles.

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