J Press 750S Redefines Sheetfed Press Output with 33% More Sheets Per Hour

With productivity of 3,600 sheets per hour and an increased sheet size, the 750S doubles the output of letter size sheets per hour. The J Press 750S is now the fastest B2 sheetfed, full color digital press available.

PRODUCTIVITY: Here are Four Reasons J Press 750S Excels

Pre-press Preparation

Zero make readies

The J Press 750S eliminates all the preparation and set-up time of an offset press. Just send the PDF and print. No plates to produce. No make readies. No run-up to color, no wasted sheets and virtually no press room consumables.

Press Print Speeds

3,600 sheets per hour

There are many technologies that enable the J Press 750S to deliver 3,600 sheets per hour:

  • New generation SAMBA printheads deliver ultra-high density and advanced precision at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi native resolution to maintain J Press’ reputation of superb dot placement accuracy.
  • The larger sheet size of 23 inches by 29.5 inches employed by the J Press 750S extends the printable area of the sheet, further optimizing productivity with 6-up letter size output.
  • A new drying system that uses a heated belt, hot air and vacuum to optimize the drying process.

Press Up-time

Typically > 90%

The up-time of the J Press 750S is unprecedented for a digital press, with reliability figures comparable to offset presses. Innovative technologies include an Active Head Retraction paper feeding system that minimizes paper jamming by lifting printbars when a print deformation is detected and a new printhead self-cleaning process. These Fujifilm innovations keep press up-time at above 90%!

Improves Finishing Times

Dryer sheets, quicker finishing

Taking printed sheets and finishing them is also enhanced with features like:

  • High productivity book printing. The J Press 750S prints all sheets in collated order, removing the need to handle stacks of different sections, and can be bound as soon as the first sheets are printed.
  • Optimized sheet dryness. The new drying system enables more paper types and thicknesses to be ready for finishing or back side printing as soon as the prints come off the press.

QUALITY: The J Press 750S takes digital print quality to new heights thanks to FUJIFILM technologies


Features Ultra-consistent, High-performance VIVIDIA ink

Fujifilm’s VIVIDA water-based inks provide an extended color gamut and vivid color reproduction. They were developed to match SAMBA printheads and achieve consistent, repeatable performance on the widest range of standard offset papers. For the J Press 750S, these inks have been refined even further, optimizing the combined performance criteria of quality, drying and ink rub-off from sheet to sheet.

Print on Standard Coated and Uncoated Offset Paper

The J Press 750S is unlike most other digital presses as there is no requirement for specialized coated digital paper. Offset printers can take advantage of current paper stocks, simplifying inventory and reducing costs. In addition, the 750S takes full advantage of uncoated paper stocks with the full vibrancy of VIVIDIA inks producing prints with even greater visual impact than from offset.

Accurately Predict Spot Color Matching Prior to Printing

The Fujifilm XMF ColorPath Sync Brand Color Optimizer now makes it possible to accurately reproduce up to 90% of the Pantone library of 1872 colors with a Delta E of 3 or less, depending on the media chosen.

This enables you to make decisions about printing a specific job up front with no time or materials wasted trying to determine if a match is possible.





The J Press 750S delivers the industry benchmark in quality, repeatability and reliability through advancement in technology across all aspects of digital printing

J Press 750S Specifications

Printhead Technology: Fujifilm Dimatix SAMBA printheads
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 4 level grayscale
Productivity: 3,600 sheets per hour (static and variable)
Workflow:  Fujifilm XMF
Variable Data: Barcode read & pull, rated speed
Country of Origin: Japan

Maximum Sheet Size: 23″ x 29.5″ (585mm x 750mm)
Paper Thickness, Standard: Single sided: 60lb text to 110 lb. cover/3 pt. to 14 pt.*
Double sided: 80 lb. text to 110 lb. cover/6 pt. to 14 pt.*
Paper Thickness, Heavy  8 pt. to 14 pt. board stock (.23mm to .54mm)*
Paper Type: Standard offset, stock, coated and uncoated*

*Paper thicknesses are guidelines and performance may vary and is dependent upon the mill, paper type, paper grain and paper stiffness among other factors. Fujifilm recommends testing all media prior to use.

Ink: Fujifilm VIVIDIA aqueous based pigment (CMYK)
Primer: Fujifilm RAPIC (Rapid Pigment Coagulation)
Wash: Nozzle cleaner and inkjet head cleaner
Carton Size: 10 liter
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: Japan
Allows you to take advantage of XMF ColorPath, a cloud-based color management system that achieves consistent color across a wide range of printing technologies.

Machine Dimensions: 8’8″ (W) x 24’1″ (L) x 6’8″ (H) (2.65m x 7.35m x 2.05m)
Installation Area: 36′ x 17′ (10.8m x 5.1m)
Power Requirements: 285A/200 – 230VAC

What Customers Say about J Press

“The color consistency, crossovers, gray builds, overall quality and repeatability of output from the J Press is just amazing. It aligns perfectly with the higher expectations of our clients”
Ryan Brueckner, Direct Edge Media, CEO
“The quality output of J Press is what initially stood out. In regards to color consistency, there is no other digital press that is more consistent, from one sheet to the next, from the tail to the gripper, the technology is revolutionary.”
Jeff Hernandez, Classic, Vice President
“We have a tremendous range of equipment, and the J Press truly bridges the gap from our litho world. The first sheet to the last are perfect, always.”
Ryan Clark, Direct Edge Media, President
“The Fujifilm J Press has transformed our business. The inkjet technology is unbelievable, it produces tremendous quality, and it’s a faster way to produce many of our jobs.”
Todd Meisner, Color Ink, President