The Inkjet Press Proven to Deliver Brand on Demand. Day after Day. Job after Job.

Win More Offset-quality Brand Work

Designed to dominate short-run print, the J Press 720S offers you the ability to expand your business by offering personalized communication solutions where every sheet can be unique without compromising the offset-quality your customers expect.

With a half-size format and a production speed of 1.4 seconds per sheet, The J Press 720S opens up new opportunities for ANY short-run, general purpose commercial print. Whether you’re printing a couple sheets or several thousand.

The J Press 720S allows you to compete for more of your customers’ branding business by dramatically lowering operational costs and reducing turnaround times – all while boosting offset-quality color consistency throughout the run.

J Press 720S Owner Featured in Printing Impressions

As part of a four-part series on approaches commercial printers are taking to finish jobs, Printing Impressions author Erik Cagle chose Fujifilm J Press 720S owner, Gilson Graphics, to highlight how the press has streamlined their business (Dash to the Finishing Line: Gilson Graphics of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2/17/16).

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J Press 720S Owner Perspectives

Pocket Folders Fast, an Omaha, Nebraska commercial printer has purchased two J Press 720S sheet fed presses to drive a competitive advantage in printing short run pocket folder and digital packaging jobs. Watch this video as the Pocket Folders Fast management and production team detail their experiences with this game-changing sheetfed production inkjet press from Fujifilm.


Color Ink, a Sussex, Wisconsin print services provider is changing its approach to traditional print while expanding into new markets with the J Press 720S. Watch this video as Color Ink president Todd Meissner shares his experiences with this game-changing sheetfed production inkjet press from Fujifilm.

J Press 720S Features

Built Specific for Offset Use – Takes the best of offset technology in traditional sheetfed rollers, paper grippers, paper feed mechanisms, and final printed sheet output and incorporates it into an inkjet press. Once imaged, the sheet can be treated like any other offset sheet.
Fujifilm Printhead Technology – SAMBA print head technology developed by Fujifilm Dimatix houses 2,048 nozzles per head in four solid-state bars using precision MEMS technology to achieve 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with four grayscale levels.
More Flexible Format Size – Create new opportunities for digital print, with applications such as gatefold brochures, folders, and more unusual page sizes – all possible to run lengths of one.
Fujifilm VIVIDIA Inks – Fujifilm’s heritage in the chemistry of color has led to development of pigment inks for use with the J Press 720S to maximize the application flexibility and versatility, while achieving the highest possible color gamut.
In-Line Sensor QC – Once dry, every sheet is scanned by the In-Line Sensor (ILS), making any necessary alterations in real time.

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J Press 720S Specifications

Printhead Technology: Fujifilm Dimatix SAMBA print bars (4)
Grey Levels: Four (4)
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Productivity: 2,700 sheets per hour
Dimensions:  8’8″ (D) x 23’9″ (L) x 6’6″ (H); 28,000 lbs

Fujifilm VIVIDIA WP-S pigment water-based inks feature four CMYK pigmented ink colors specifically developed by Fujifilm’s R&D team using the company’s advanced chemical technologies. The result is an innovative ink line perfectly matched to the performance criteria of the printheads, for offset-quality printing on the widest range of standard coated and uncoated offset papers.

XMF Workflow by Fujifilm drives the front end of the J Press 720S press and allows full variable data printing. Uniquely built from the ground up around the Adobe PDF Print Engine and JDF, XMF Workflow is the most comprehensive and advanced production management systems on the market.
Allows you to take advantage of XMF ColorPath, a cloud-based color management system that achieves consistent color across a wide range of printing technologies.
Supports both coated and uncoated papers meeting these specifications:
Sheet Size: 21.3″ x 15″ to 29.5″ x 20.9″
Fixed Sheet Sizes Supported: 17.5″ x 23″; 19″ x 25″; 20″ x 26″ and 20″ x 28″
Non-printable Area: .5″ from gripper edge side; .08″ from all other edges
Paper Thickness: 70# text to 14 pt. board

New Video Showcases the Productivity of J Press 720S

The dynamics of printing are changing and the J Press 720S is leading the way. Take a quick tour of the press to witness the quality and performance. Seeing is believing when it comes to production inkjet technology.

Wider Color Gamut Expands and Improves Color Matching

Typically, offset printers using a standard ISO coated CMYK ink set are able to print between 50% and 60% of pantone colors. With the J Press 720S and Fujifilm VIVIDIA high performance water-based inkjet inks, 75% of the pantone colors can now be achieved enabling you to print more vibrant images using a standard CMYK inkjet ink set.

This combination also makes it possible to now match an offset sheet printed to the ISO 12647-2 standard, critical for mixed offset and digital production environments.

A Wide Range of Application Possibilities

J Press 720S Prints Photobooks

32 Pages Plus Cover, 11.8″ x 9″


  • Eliminate costly waste of silk cover stock from make readies
  • Printed to the wider, full color gamut the J Press 720S delivers
  • Finished using a soft touch lamination film on the cover

*Assumes 100 waste sheets per equivalent offset make ready.

J Press 720S Prints Larger Format Pocket Folders

Six Panels, 9″ x 12″ with Pockets


  • Profitably produce short run branded or versioned folders
  • Run reprints with no set up time and color matching required
  • Output does not crack when creased and folded for finishing

*Assumes 100 waste sheets per equivalent offset make ready.

J Press 720S Prints Large Format Calendars

Six Pages Plus Cover, 18″ x 15″


  • J Press 720S prints each calendar collated, ready for binding
  • 18″ x 15″ size is too large for most other digital presses
  • Printed on 100 lb silk cover with NO wasted sheets (700 estimated for offset work)

*Assumes 100 waste sheets per equivalent offset make ready.

J Press 720S Makes Quick Work of Direct Mail

Four Pages, 11.7″ x 8.3″


  • Uses a unique bar code system to ensure 100% accuracy of variable information
  • Produce double sided, personalized brochures or direct mailers quickly and easily
  • Also ideal for creating short runs of any multiple-versioned printed materials

*Assumes 100 waste sheets per equivalent offset make ready.