S40i Description

Designed with high volume and quick turnaround in mind, the Onset S40i offers a full bed print array. Instead of the traditional back-and-forth motion of the printing process, the Onset S40i prints the entire sheet of material. The bed of the press actually moves, allowing the print heads to stay in place – so even if you’re printing a 50-foot square piece of material, you’ll cover the entire sheet in one pass. Eight to 12 passes later, in as little as 30 seconds, you’ve finished a high-quality finished piece. The Onset S40i produces over 110 beds per hour.

In addition to CMYK configuration, the S40i offers a choice of white, or light cyan and light magenta. The ability to vary the gloss level gives the user flexibility to set the desired gloss level on a per job basis directly from the operator console.

Onset S40i Features

15 Zone Vacuum Bed – All individually selectable by the user makes the need to mask almost non-existent; significantly increasing productivity and allowing for faster changeovers between jobs.

S40i Four or Six Color – Your choice of CMYK or CMYK with light cyan and light magenta. The six-color provides the ideal press for customers demanding offset-like quality for closer viewing.

S40i White Option – Can be added to either the 4 or 6-color press option to precisely print white layers under or over the CMYK content; or use White as a spot color. In addition, multiple layers can be used to vary opacity to pinpoint accuracy.

3/4 Automation System – Increase the throughput of the S40i by up to 50% by reducing manual change out of materials with this optional 3/4 Automation system. A pre-load table allows the operator to place and pre-register sheets while the press is running.

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How S40i Stacks Ups

Onset S40i attributes compared to the top performing Onset Press:

Beds Per Hr Manual 72%
Beds Per Hr Auto 78%
Variable, Satin to Gloss Finish 100%
Print Area Printing 99%


S40i Specifications

Print Area: 123″ x 63″ (edge to edge printing)

Print Finish: Variable, satin to gloss

Maximum Substrate Thickness: 1.96″ (50mm)

Space Required: Manual – 19’4″ (W) x 45’3″ (L); Short-Edge Auto – 23’3″ (W) x 54’5″ (L); Long-Edge Auto – 35′ 1″ (W) x 42′ 7″ (L)

The Uvijet family of inks offers excellent adhesion and flexibility. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including banners, POP, backlit images, exhibition graphics, signage, printing onto glass, metal, acrylic and board. S40i Onset uses Uvijet OB or OZ-series UV curable inks (CMYK +Light cyan and magenta or white)

  • ColorGATE Production Server (Fujifilm edition), Version 7.0 or later: One RIP solution, offering support for over 750 printers and cutters. Sync color between multiple printers with easy 3-step process.
  • Caldera Grand RIP + 9.0 (Fujifilm edition) or later: Support for over 800 printers and cutters. Analyze cost on each job printed. Helps designers make corporate spot colors with new Color Book.

Inca Vision remote diagnostics software  is like OnStar service for ink on press. Your S40i support team can monitor your press remotely and be automatically notified if any performance degradation occurs. Ensures maximum productivity and press uptime.

What Clients Say

“A good portion of our clients do work where flesh tones are critical, along with color and gloss. We’re producing near-offset quality on the S40, and our customers have been very impressed.”
Andy Riberdy, President, McCoy, Ltd.
“Now with the customer’s permission, their S40i support team can monitor their press remotely to maximize productivity. It’s like an OnStar for ink on press.”
Jeffrey Nelson, Business Development Manager, Fujifilm