R40i Description

The Onset R40i flatbed UV printer provides the perfect balance between outstanding print quality with very high production speeds. It accomplishes this by utilizing a small droplet size (14 nanograms) jetted through 42,000 nozzles to produce crisp images, fine lines, sharp text and smooth tonal gradations.

The R40i is capable of producing sellable output at speeds in excess of 4,300 ft2/hr equating to eighty 5′ x 10′ full size beds per hour. Offering many of the same features associated with the Onset range of full-bed array wide-format printer UV flatbeds, the Onset R40i includes a wide color gamut, optional white, variable satin to gloss finish, advanced job management and your choice of 3/4 or full automation systems (the picture at left features the Hostert full automation feed system).

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Onset R40i Features

15 Zone Vacuum Bed – All zones are individually selectable by the user virtually eliminating the need to mask the bed for jobs; significantly increases productivity and allows for faster changeovers between jobs.
iNozzle Technology – An onboard scanner locates any under-performing nozzles and automatically assigns a reserve printhead to jet ink to make a perfect image.
R40i Inca Software Suite – Provides operators with a complete suite of productivity-enhancing software including Reporter Pro, Inca Vision and Print Run Control (PRC).
R40i Four or Six Color Configurations – Your choice of CMYK or CMYK with light cyan and light magenta. The six-color provides the ideal press for customers demanding offset-like quality for closer viewing.
R40i White Option – Can be added to either the 4 or 6-color press option to precisely print white layers under or over the CMYK content; or use White as a spot color. Multiple layers can be used to vary opacity to pinpoint accuracy.
Choice of Automation Systems – Increase the throughput of the R40i by up to 50% by reducing manual change out of materials with the optional 3/4 Automation system or fully-automated feed system from Hostert. Both automation options are paired with the Onset take off system, which removes each sheet from the print bed to a finished stack on an automated scissor lift.

How R40i Stacks Up

The Onset R40i provides the ideal balance of outstanding print quality with extremely high production speeds:

Print Quality 100%
Beds per Hr Manual 100%
Beds per Hr Auto 95%
Print Area Printing 100%
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R40i Specifications

Print Area: 123″ x 63″ (edge to edge printing)

Print Finish: variable, satin to gloss

Maximum Substrate Thickness: 1.96″ (50mm)

Space Required:  Manual: 19’4″ (W) x 45’3″ (L); Short-Edge Auto: 23’3″ (W) x 54’5″ (L); Long-Edge Auto: 35’1″ (W) x 42’7″ (L)

The Uvijet family of inks offers excellent adhesion and flexibility. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including banners, POP, backlit images, exhibition graphics, signage, printing onto glass, metal, acrylic and board. The Onset R40i uses Uvijet OB or OZ-series UV curable inks (CMYK +Lc, Lm and W)

  • ColorGATE Production Server (Fujifilm edition), Version 8.0 or later: One RIP solution, offering support for over 750 printers and cutters. Sync color between multiple printers with easy 3-step process.
  • Caldera Grand RIP + 9.0 (Fujifilm edition) or later: Support for over 800 printers and cutters. Analyze cost on each job printed. Helps designers make corporate spot colors with new Color Book.

Inca Vision remote diagnostics software  is like OnStar service for ink on press. Your R40i support team can monitor your press remotely and be automatically notified if any performance degradation occurs. Ensures maximum productivity and press uptime.

What Clients Say about Onset

“This device is the perfect blend of speed and image quality…and quality is everything around here.” Duggal Visual Solutions works with more than a third of Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 Brand list.
Marc Lovci, Duggal Visual Solutions, New York, New York
“We went with S20 and now the Q40i…as a screen printer, we’d probably be out of business if we hadn’t gone digital. The bottom line is you want the work done as high quality, as cheaply and quickly as possible.”
Erik Landrowski, NGS Printing, Elgin, Illinois