In 2014, InfoTrends and NAPCO – the publisher of Printing Impressions – developed a survey targeting wide-format and commercial print shops, and the results uncovered some interesting metrics you may wish to benchmark for your company. Of the near 60 printers to fill out the extensive questionnaire, some interesting data sets emerged:

  • Revenue per employee for ALL employees at the company: $174,000
  • Revenue per sales rep at the company: $965,000
  • Average increase in sales per company from prior year: +8%

However, one disturbing trend highlighted from the research noted less than one-third of the shops surveyed had a concentrated sales plan in place:

“…many shop owners simply don’t have the right tools, such as Print MIS software or even back-end accounting software, to be able to develop a complex sales plan based on new business, new services or even higher-margin sales.” – Kate Dunn, InfoTrends

Educating your sales teams on the high value/high margin opportunities that are created from new capital purchases is critical to achieving a favorable return on investment. After all, your sales team is the first line when it comes to educating customers on how new, innovative inkjet technologies can add value to their business. There are many pages on Inkjet Insights dedicated to helping you and your sales force win more business.

To see the full write up from InfoTrends and NAPCO regarding this insightful research, click here.