In an effort to identify the current state of color management within printing operations, InfoTrends surveyed the readers of Printing Impressions in February, 2015 to focus on identifying key business practices, investment decisions and technology impacts. The results as reported in PI World in June of this year indicate while some print service providers are finding success among the associated challenges of managing color, others are struggling.

“Managing color for print service providers (PSPs) is akin to exercise for many people; they know it is good for them, but the stumbling blocks keep getting in the way.” PI World, June 8, 2015

The printers facing challenges indicated frustration in navigating the vast amount of information available on the topic of color management and felt overwhelmed in choosing the right path. The top four hurdles for incorporating a color management system for those surveyed were: Routine changing of printing conditions like ink and paper (38.4%); limited technical skills or infrastructure (37.0%); lack of dedicated staff (24.7%) and requires too much time (15.1%).

Key best practice learnings from printers successfully incorporating color management into their shop offering include a propensity to:

  • Utilize outside service experts to supplement internal bandwidth and/or expertise.
  • Look to adopt software and hardware that offers color management automation and reduces the need for operator expertise.
  • Designate an internal team to systematically and proactively perform maintenance (e.g., calibrations) and verify that output is within designated quality limits.

Fujifilm Technical Services (FTS) specializes in providing print service providers with expertise in how to help you understand the best way to use color management technology in your particular print environment or workflow. Fujfilm also has the right tools to bring a customized color-management solution to your shop, such as ColorPath SYNC. Most importantly FTS has the expertise having performed over 50% of all Master G7 Qualifications in North America.