The secret to any company’s successful business strategy lands squarely in the heart of finding the perfect balance of that combination. If you can surround yourself with the best people and the latest, most effective ways of doing business, you win.

Alex Cachia believes this. As president of Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions, he lives it every day. The Mississauga, Ontario-based provider of in-store retail signage and display solutions has been meeting client expectations since it opened its doors as Impulse Signs in 1976. The company expanded in terms of scope and equipment and in 2014 re-branded as Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions Inc.

“Like any business leader, I rely on a great combination of of talent and technology. I am blessed with a great staff,” Cachia says. “We all live and breathe within the print industry. We are a unique print service provider, with clients in various industries, including auto- motive, food service and pharmaceuticals, that have high expectations.”

With an emphasis on perfection, the Impulse team will not sacrifice quality for anything. That means finding the right opportunities and equipment to chase perfection. Take the company’s recent expansion of its wide format portfolio with Fujifilm’s Acuity Ultra, a 5 meter (197 inches) superwide UV press featuring impressive cost-in-use for outputting high quality interior graphics and high speed exterior applications.

The Acuity Ultra offers increased size and quality to make the production of superwide graphics much more profit- able. The newest superwide UV printers from Fujifilm, the Acuity Ultra Series is also available in a 3.2 meter (126 inches) version—where high-impact, near-photo- graphic quality is required.

With a 3.5 pl drop size ensuring the highest possible quality, the grand format Acuity Ultra is ideal for the high-end indoor display market, especially for luxury brands, with quality rivaling litho output.

“With the Acuity Ultra, my team can handle all of the expectations and demands of our clients with great success,” Cachia says.

For example, Impulse previously was limited to printing on mostly rigid substrates. But with the Acuity Ultra, this print service provider is able to offer flexible grand format application options. With regard to shipping and packing costs, the Impulse team also is able to offer significant savings with respect to lighter and more flexible substrates, which are also recyclable. And because they don’t have to rely on outsourcing, the company is able to maintain printing in-house, while experiencing smaller set-up costs, decreased prep time and faster turnarounds.

Overall, the grand format Acuity Ultra has fortified Impulse’s presence as a unique print service provider. The press’s massive format size, multi-roll options and impressive speed continue to create new opportunities.

“We have the ability to profitably create exhibition graphics, point-of-purchase displays, high-value graphic art, and indoor backlit displays,” Cachia says. “Without question, the print quality of the Acuity Ultra stands out from any potential competitor in this segment.”


Given its location in Mississauga, Canada, near Toronto, outdoor ice rinks are plentiful, helping Impulse build even more relation- ships that can use its services.

“The five meter allows us to win even more work with local ice rinks by letting them know we have a larger footprint,” Cachia says. “We are able to print onto a flexible material that can be applied to the ice for marketing and advertising opportunities, which the local rinks do every season. But with the Acuity Ultra, we can save them time and money on their installations. We have developed a strong business base within the local ice rinks by printing onto flexible media that is installed directly into the ice. The five meter output off the Acuity Ultra reduces installation time and costs.”

Regarding Impulse’s hospitality and food service clients, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) impact on indoor air quality was a regular topic of conversation prior to installing their Acuity Ultra.

“With our previous press, we had to let the rolls sit for upward of two days due to the strong odors” says Cachia. “And with the Acuity Ultra, we no longer have that lengthy delay in production.”

That has important benefits on the sustainability side. Fujifilm’s commitment to environmental responsibility has been recognized through achieving UL GREENGUARD® certification for its Uvijet GS range of inks. GREENGUARD helps manufacturers create and custom- ers choose interior products that support healthy indoor environments through low chemical emissions. Certification means that a product has been rigorously tested and shown to have low emissions of volatile organic compounds, safe for install in schools and hospitals.

Says Cachia, “The addition of the Acuity Ultra enables us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, job after job, as well as helps with the sales process to win new opportunities.”

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