‘Clients prefer the J Press 720S over litho’

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division’s J Press 720S has further enhanced the capabilities of Haig’s Quality Printing, a Las Vegas-based print service provider with a worldwide reputation of bringing design elements to life through technology.

As one of the largest, full-service independently-owned commercial printers in Nevada, Haig’s Quality Printing is a G7 Master Printer, featuring an impressive and ever-growing client roster of well-known names in the entertainment business, casino industry, and government entities. Built from the ground-up through a commitment to hard work and fidelity to company values, including uncompromised quality, Haig’s Quality Printing has turned a manufacturing process into a unique art form.

“Our clients expect quality, availability, timeliness, and for us to never fail them,” said Haig Atamian, founder and CEO, who has authored this system into a legacy of success for more than 45 years alongside his wife Nora Atamian, president. “We make it happen, and by leveraging solutions like the J Press 720S by Fujifilm, we are able to enhance the digital aspect with variable data, along with superior print quality.”

Haig Atamian, pictured with his son Garo, and their J Press 720S at the Las Vegas facility.

“We are constantly looking ahead, not just what we’re currently capable of, but how we can improve upon our processes, and add value to our clients,” says Garo Atamian, senior vice president, and second-generation at Haig’s Quality Printing. “That’s why we chose the J Press 720S. All of our work is driven by reputation, and Las Vegas is a twenty-four hour town. Every one of our clients need their jobs immediately, and with the J Press 720S, we can manage their quick-turns efficiently for a wide range of applications.”

With a 29.6 inch x 20.9 inch sheet and an output of 2,700 sheets per hour, Fujifilm’s second generation sheetfed inkjet J Press 720S is an ideal solution for printers like Haig’s Quality Printing who are looking for products in conjunction with its current capabilities that feature the quality and robustness of an offset press, and the versatility to handle even the shortest of press runs.

The Atamian’s have successfully utilized various substrates on their J Press 720S, with ‘amazing results.’

“The technology offered by the J Press 720S is finally what we wanted to offer our clients,” said Garo. “Every job is custom, and we needed a flexible machine to be able to handle different weights of paper, and different kinds of sheets.”

New opportunities and increased revenue in the short and medium-run market equate to further success at Haig’s Quality Printing.

“In the past we lost opportunities with clients as we were not able to cost-effectively produce short-runs offset, so we never did them. And now, with our J Press 720S we are able to efficiently manage a variety of runs for our clients,” adds Haig. “The J Press 720S has expanded our capabilities, and our business.”

Print-proofs, or pre-productions, are now produced with ease. “Our proofing presses simply aren’t used much anymore, now that we have the J Press 720S,” says Haig. “We quote jobs knowing we will not have to allow for waste. A significant advantage of the J Press 720S is no make-ready waste, ever.”

“With the J Press 720S, we’re able to do pre-productions for every piece,” said Garo. “The client sees the exact paper, the exact colors, all matching our ink keys. The client knows what the final piece will look like before we begin production. That’s huge for us, and the client.”

“A lot of our work is driven by value-added, and must be perfect,” said Garo. “Everything is perfectly registered in our shop.” And, according to Haig, the J Press 720S has ‘perfect registration.’

“We do a lot of enhancements, including special coatings and foil stamping; without perfect registration we simply could not do what a customer expects, versus what is possible. We take it to the next level, over the top,” said Garo.

Haig says production is virtually non-stop with the J Press 720S, ‘running upwards of seven days a week,’ and “uptime is at 95 percent,” according to Garo. “The quality and color consistency are phenomenal, and our clients prefer the J Press 720S over litho.”