FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) was named Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Technology Leaders listing, in recognition of industry’s most operationally sound and financially successful organizations.

This is the industry’s first holistic assessment that Thomson Reuters recognizes the world’s top 100 companies through the methodology measuring performance across eight pillars: Financial, Management and Investor Confidence, Risk and Resilience, Legal Compliance, Innovation, People and Social Responsibility, Environmental Impact, and Reputation.

Under the corporate slogan “Value from Innovation,” Fujifilm Group recognizes that solving various social issues as an opportunity for business growth, and is actively creating new value for solving them. By promoting the new CSR Plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030” and the Medium-Term Management Plan “VISION 2019”, Fujifilm strives to enhance corporate value and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.