In a world full of advertising impressions, helping your customers’ brands break through the visual noise can make or break the success of a product. With cutting and routing, you can transform material into custom shapes and sizes – simple or intricate – to turn a common design into a unique display. Punch up promotions with a printed piece that speaks for itself and grabs the audience’s interest. Here are a few examples of brands that did just that:

Oversized Banners – As featured in the lead graphic above, this striking 18′ x 18′ banner was created using die-cutting and finishing software to announce the launch of a new rugby jersey.

Pop-up Banners – Horizon Digital Print utilized die cutting to give pharmaceutical company Forxiga’s pop-up retail banners an interesting visual at the point of sale.

“Within their branding, Forxiga uses a strong visual of a water tap coming out of a sugar pot, so they employed pop-up banners to bring this message home. Once printed and cut to shape, the natural slightly rounded effect of the material on the poles gave a strong 3D impression.” – Siobhán Sacker, author of article Use Die-Cutting to Increase Print Impact, 2/9/2015.

POP Displays – Capture consumer attention with die cut graphics and ensure they leave with a positive impression of your brand.

“What made this Fuji Battery display stand out was the brightly colored die-cut graphics which we created in the shape of a battery on the sides. The colorful shelf graphics and die-cut header sign served as unifying design elements and helped to reinforce the Fuji Battery brand.” – Jim Hollen, author of blog post 5 Examples of Well Branded Consumer Product Custom POP Displays, 10/8/15.

Brochures and Direct Mail
– Open a world of marketing possibilities with brochures, invitations, cards and direct mail pieces customized to your event, product or service to grab the attention of the reader.

“Communicate more with fewer words and fan out from the usual rectangular brochure shape with a design concept that lets your information unfold piece by piece.” – Kenny Austin, article 14 Die Cut Brochures, 1/3/14.

The ways in which die cutting can be used are ever evolving and the only limit is your imagination. This is one more effective tool to help your clients’ brands stand out from the point-of-sale clutter. For additional ideas, visit our informative Solutions by Industry page.