David Zwang takes an indepth look at how Fujifilm is broadening the role inkjet plays for production printers through technological innovations in presses, printheads, inks and workflow (Inkjet drupa 2016 – Continuing the Story – Fujifilm; WhatTheyThink?, May 12, 2016).

“Fujifilm is not sitting idly by. The company is continuing to not just develop new technology, but even lead the industry in terms of print technology developments.”
– David Zwang, May 12, 2016

Zwang continues by positioning Fujifilm as a “real powerhouse in graphic arts, electrophotograpic printing and production inkjet.” Last reporting on the company for drupa 2012, Zwang provides an update on the many innovations Fujifilm have unveiled or built upon in the last four years. Included in his analysis were insights into:

  • Fujifilm Printhead Technology– Zwang reports on the impressive photographic print output from the J Press 720S which he attributes, in large part, to the technology behind Fujifilm Dimatix SAMBA™ G3L printheads. Zwang cites several advantages this 1200 native dpi piezo-electric DoD (drop on demand) printhead provides including VersaDrop™ which delivers multi-level grayscale via the ability to support multi-drop and fixed drop sizes from 2.4 to 13.2 picoliters. Zwang also mentions RediJet recirculation which continuously recirculates the ink behind each nozzle to keep the printheads primed with minimum ink waste and increased reliability.
  • Fujifilm Ink Technologies– He provides a short history of Fujifilm acquisitions and how Vividia pigment ink technology was developed in collaboration with Fujifilm Dimatix to specifically meet SAMBA printhead technology demands.
  • Fujifilm J Press 720S sheetfed– Zwang traces how the evolution of this second-generation B2 production inkjet press has “taken the market by storm” with more than 70 units installed since its introduction 12 months ago. He mentions significant quality, productivity and reliability improvements for the J Press 720S , including how Fujifilm changed the jetting order and printhead module designs to enable individual printhead module changeout; added a variable data scanning solution; and improved sheetfed feeding through a number of technology modifications. Also mentioned was the J Press 720S being the first production inkjet press to receive the Idealliance(R) Digital Press System Certification and to meet GRACoL 2013 specification. Zwang also weighs in on the J Press 540W continuous web production inkjet press.
  • Fujifilm XMF Workflow – Zwang showcases the benefits of this premedia XMF Workflow solution with the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) at its core.

Zwang concludes the indepth article with how many of the commercial printers he has talked to recently are seeing Fujifilm as the viable solution for high quality commercial work in comparison to other digital printing solutions and even traditional offset press production.