When Gregorys Coffee, a high-end coffee shop chain in New York City, needed a visually attractive but more cost-effective chalkboard solution for their internal signs they turned to Visual Magnetics for a solution.

Visual Magnetics suggested the flexible, printable and writable new VM-CHALKboard PLUS which convinced Gregorys’ Director of Marketing and Visual Merchandising, Kristin Zamfotis, to switch out their signage in every one of their 12 stores.

“Before we switched to Visual Magnetics, changing the single origin coffee names was a hassle…we had to order three chalkboards for every store, print them, deliver them and have them re-installed. They were heavier and more costly. Now, we keep layers with popular single origin blends on hand at each location and print new ones as they come up! They ship in a roll and the store employees can install them easily.” — Kristin Zamfotis, Gregorys Coffee

Fujifilm is a leading distributor of the Visual Magnetics material and has a number of inkjet solutions perfectly suited for bringing brands like Gregorys Coffee to life on this versatile substrate. Click Gregorys Coffee Case Study to see photos and more details on how this highly flexible, cost-effective material has changed their internal approach to internal store graphics.