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OnsetX2: Owner Perspectives

Hear what Primary Color has to say about the OnsetX2 in our latest Owner Perspectives video.

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New Video Showcases the Productivity of J Press 720S

The dynamics of printing are changing and the J Press 720S is leading the way. Take a quick tour of the press to witness the quality and performance. Seeing is believing when it comes to production inkjet technology.

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Tech Center Newest Video

Enjoy our latest video showcasing the 23,000 square feet of demo space at our Fujifilm Americas Technology Center for Graphics in Chicago.

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Watch this short video on how easy it is to get 24/7 access to the press consumables you need!

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Acuity F Dual Zone Printing Video

Watch an Acuity F operator simultaneous print and make media changeovers.

ColorPath SYNC Video

Enjoy this informative video highlighting the many advantages of ColorPath SYNC from Fujifilm. For more information regarding this incredible Color Management in the Cloud solution, including the ability to download a FREE White Paper, click here.

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How Do you Make an Onset?

Ever wondered how an Onset is built? Watch this quick time lapse video and watch an Onset being created from the raw frame to the finished press being loaded on the curtained truck.

Onset Scalable Architecture Video

This quick animation explains the new scalable architecture of  the Inca Onset series of printers being manufactured today. With unprecedented flexibility, customers can upgrade or expand their Onset to fit their changing business needs.

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Fujifilm announces Acuity F flatbed press

Fujifilm today announces the new Acuity F Series, which has specifically been designed for volume sign & display print service providers who have a high demand for rigid media. As the latest addition to Fujifilm’s Acuity platform, the device produces exceptional print quality at speeds of up to 155m2/hr, and is available as a 6-channel or 7-channel model. The Acuity F Series maintains all the advantages of the popular and [...]

Now You Can Video

Watch this video to experience what Inkjet can do for your business. Now you can!

Illinois Printer Talks Onset

Mark Taylor, president of GFX Printing in Grayslake, Illinois shares his experiences with Onset wide format inkjet printing.

Capturing the Campaign – #1

Integrating New Technologies, Capabilities Brings Printers to the Marketing Table It's a question asked dozens of times a day by industry watchers and probably considered with outright fear by beleaguered printers: Is print dead? And the short, emphatic answer? Not just no, but NO! Printing still plays a significant role in U.S. and global economies. It's a multi-billion dollar industry, and customers are finding that its effectiveness is still unmatched [...]