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J Press 720S Variable Data Video

Want an offset-quality, commercial press where every sheet can be personalized? Watch your dream come to life with the J Press 720S production inkjet press in this entertaining two minute video.

J Press 720S Overview Video

Take an informative, animated tour of how the J Press 720S production inkjet press can help you dominate the high-quality, short-run commercial printing market today.

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New Data in on Inkjet vs Toner (EP)

Recent research data from International Data Corporation (IDC) confirm the shift from traditional electro photographic (EP) toner systems to inkjet is well underway for many commercial printers. Higher speed and lower overall running cost give inkjet a clear advantage over toner-based systems. The IDC indicated placements of both monochrome and color EP equipment declined in 2014, while high speed inkjet installations are expected to continue a compound annual growth rate [...]

Now You Can Video

Watch this video to experience what Inkjet can do for your business. Now you can!

3 Things Every Offset Printer Should Know About Inkjet

Marco Boer, Vice President at IT Strategies shares the three things everyone should know about inkjet in this informational blog posting in INKLINGS. The three important facts every commercial offset printer should know about inkjet include: Inkjet technology is a well-established one that is reliable and proven on the substrates it has traditionally printed on. But it's too early in the journey to expand the range of substrates on which [...]

Is VDP Right for You? #1

Variable Data Printing Represents a Game Changer for Printers It all comes down to information. In today's highly competitive, ever-changing climate, the power of information - who has it, who can get it and how - can be the difference between success and failure for any business in any market segment. "It is somewhat like the chicken or egg story. You have to have the work to justify the investment, [...]

Fujifilm and Heidelberg Join Forces in Inkjet Printing

November 5, 2013 FUJIFILM Corporation together with FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. (Fujifilm), and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) have unveiled a strategic partnership in the area of inkjet printing. Strategic global collaboration targets growth potential in commercial and packaging markets Heidelberg gains access to Fujifilm's market-leading Inkjet technology, and Fujifilm will leverage Heidelberg's strengths in engineering and manufacturing Synergies expected by leveraging sales strength and global customer service network [...]