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North Carolina’s Advantage Direct steps up their game with FUJIFILM

When Advantage Direct GM John Montcastle, Jr. was looking to bolster his company’s print capabilities, he set out to find a vendor that could help cover every aspect of its business. Among the key tenets he sought were quality equipment, superior customer service, and innovative and forward-thinking solutions. When the exhaustive search ended, the Arden, North Carolina printer not only landed a vendor that fit the bill, it also found [...]

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5 Ways White Ink Wins More Business

White ink capability offers you the ability to sell high-value, backlit graphics on rigid or flexible media. Additionally, white ink also gives you the ability to create specialty applications on almost any media or object. Here are five great white ink applications customers will be begging you for:   1. Spot Color White Use white as a spot color on any non-white substrate like colored paper, colored plastic, corrugated cardboard, glass, metallic, [...]

Uvijet KV Inks

  The Art and Science of Thermoforming Thermoformers have long been able to print designs and mold them. But screen printing demands skill, is time consuming and therefore costly. Additionally, it's not possible to obtain near-photographic images. UV-curing screen inks are easier to handle and less harmful to the environment than solvent-based screen inks. Consequently, much graphic printing has moved to UV-curing inkjet inks. These dry instantly, producing strong colors, [...]

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7 Steps to Choose an Inkjet

Bill Baxter, founder of Inca Digital, shared this list with us at a recent Fujifilm Tech Summit. We at Fujifilm couldn't agree more with Mr. Baxter's comments: Throw away the brochure you are given. Ask for a demo. Send your files and your substrates to the Demo Site. Bring a stopwatch and a few extra files that you "forgot" to send so you can experience the RIP process. Print your [...]

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What Print Buyers Want

How To Get Inside a Print Buyer's "Circle of Trust" By Margie Dana, Founder of Print Buyers International Print Buyers make decisions based on a few things. While price certainly plays a part, to tell the truth, most experienced print customers know enough to get bids from printers whose products are competitively priced. If you're too low by a long shot, out you go. If your prices are far too [...]

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