Acuity Select HS

5 Ways White Ink Wins More Business

White ink capability offers you the ability to sell high-value, backlit graphics on rigid or flexible media. Additionally, white ink also gives you the ability to create specialty applications on almost any media or object. Here are five great white ink applications customers will be begging you for:   1. Spot Color White Use white as a spot color on any non-white substrate like colored paper, colored plastic, corrugated cardboard, glass, metallic, [...]

Uvijet KV Inks

  The Art and Science of Thermoforming Thermoformers have long been able to print designs and mold them. But screen printing demands skill, is time consuming and therefore costly. Additionally, it's not possible to obtain near-photographic images. UV-curing screen inks are easier to handle and less harmful to the environment than solvent-based screen inks. Consequently, much graphic printing has moved to UV-curing inkjet inks. These dry instantly, producing strong colors, [...]

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