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Terry Mitchell is Director of Marketing Communications and Sales Enablement for FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Division. He is responsible for overall marketing communications, content development, and implementation of sales training programs for direct and distributor sales teams in the Americas region.

A Strategic Look at Your Customer Base

Orders are coming in and you’re busy with production. But, do you know what percentage of revenues are coming from your biggest clients? The 80/20 rule is an old business adage that states about 20% of your customers produce 80% of your sales. Does this rule apply when reviewing your client portfolio? Is 80% of your revenue coming from 20% of your customers, or is 80% of your revenue coming [...]

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Leap Forward and Embrace Change

Let’s face it, there are many things in our lives we don’t want to change. Change can be difficult. It can be messy and disruptive. Unless there is a compelling reason to change many people opt for the status quo. Doing what you’ve always done is predictable. It’s safe. Or is it? Do you remember this old saying? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what [...]

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A Look Back on Fujifilm’s 2017 Achievements

It’s that time again – the end of the year is around the corner and the start of another one will bring new opportunities and successes. Fujifilm had many highlights in 2017, but here are some of the most memorable moments. Launch of Print Illustrated Fujifilm debuted the first issue of Print Illustrated, an in-house produced, business-to-business magazine that offers great insight and a wealth of information for industry professionals. [...]

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Acuity F Overview Video

Watch the Acuity F overview video.

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Are You Ready for Brand on Demand?

Brand owners today are challenged to respond quickly to changes in the competitive landscape and rapidly changing customer expectations. Take the competitiveness of the cellular phone market and consider how fast Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others need to respond to competitors changing strategies as they aggressively market to gain new subscribers. One week its "Friends and Family," then its "Framily" (really Framily?), then its "Cut Your Bill in Half [...]

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Opportunity Knocks: 4 Steps to Grow Your Wide Format Business

A recent survey by the National Print Owners Association (NPOA) supports the conventional wisdom that sales from traditional offset printing are fading. According to survey author and NPOA Executive Director John Stewart, this data also confirms that these declines are being offset in the more successful shops by new profit opportunities. According to the study, the 2014 sales projection data from the survey’s 250 respondents shows an average decline in [...]

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Artwork Digital makes school storage child’s play

Finding innovative and space-saving ways to store equipment within the school environment can be a challenge; making the storage fun and safe at the same time requires a creative approach. Eco storage printed on Inca Onset Brazilian POS design and production company Artwork Digital was given just that task by the Bau Econhecimento School. The school wanted low-cost, mobile storage boxes for books, films, costumes, puppets and props [...]

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Simpsons Printing Stays on Track with Acuity Select

Kathy Simpson, left, proudly looks on as husband Dan, center, President & CEO, and son Jon, Vice President, stand in their Rapid City, S.D. facility. Craftsmanship. Accountability. Quality printing. Personal attention to customer relationships. A commercial printer since 1965, Simpsons Printing has served as one of the perfect examples of what a family-owned business must do to stay on the cutting edge in today’s ever-competitive marketplace. For example, [...]

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How Do you Make an Onset?

Ever wondered how an Onset is built? Watch this quick time lapse video and watch an Onset being created from the raw frame to the finished press being loaded on the curtained truck.

Onset Scalable Architecture Video

This quick animation explains the new scalable architecture of  the Inca Onset series of printers being manufactured today. With unprecedented flexibility, customers can upgrade or expand their Onset to fit their changing business needs.

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Color Ink coasts with an Inca Onset Q40i digital flatbed printer to create a unique 3D bobsled

Realistic Olympic bobsled replica created with exceptional structural design and solid printing   18 August 2014 – Working with a tight deadline and a challenging assignment, Color Ink delivered its client realistic 1:1 scale models of Olympic bobsleds in time for the Olympics. Established in 1984, Color Ink, Inc. employs over 120 people working in 100,000+ square feet of production space in Sussex, WI, USA. They have a well-deserved reputation [...]

How Direct Mail Integrates with Online Marketing to Make Campaigns More Successful

It seems like everything we hear today is about digital communications. Email, blogs, and social media seem to be the only focus of marketing efforts by big brands and retailers. What about traditional marketing? Today I received a Google AdWords offer. In the mail. So why is Google using direct mail? Knowing Google, they probably have data that proves it works. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has data. They recently [...]

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Fujifilm announces Acuity F flatbed press

Fujifilm today announces the new Acuity F Series, which has specifically been designed for volume sign & display print service providers who have a high demand for rigid media. As the latest addition to Fujifilm’s Acuity platform, the device produces exceptional print quality at speeds of up to 155m2/hr, and is available as a 6-channel or 7-channel model. The Acuity F Series maintains all the advantages of the popular and [...]