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Ed Pierce is the Product Marketing Manager for production inkjet including the J Press 720S, and the all-new J Press 750S, and also for the Xerox line of production solutions including both toner and production inkjet. Pierce has spoken at the Inkjet Summit held in Ponte Vedre, Florida.

Taking Advantage of Trends in our Industry

The world of commercial print is facing new challenges every day and commercial print owners are continually looking for creative, and cutting edge ways, to meet the ever changing tides.  And, at the very same time, looking for new revenue streams and ways to grow their businesses in a space that is shrinking by consolidation and seeing margins for commodity work stagnate. Being able to face both the market trends [...]

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Owner Perspectives: J Press 720S Drives a Competitive Advantage for Production of Short Run Packaging

IT Strategies recently reported perspectives from the Digital Packaging Summit, an invitation only event by NAPCO Media and Engage sponsored in part by Fujifilm. The report noted that “there is a big squeeze by consumer goods manufacturers on packaging converters to reduce lead times on procuring print.” The report went on to comment that those same consumer goods manufacturers are evaluating converter capabilities and are looking for converters who can [...]

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Production Inkjet Seen As Indispensable Tool in New Forecast

A recent article by IT Strategies consultant Marco Boer in Printing Impressions ("Marco Boer Forecasts Growth for Production Inkjet Printing Market", Printing Impressions, March 22, 2017) firmly establishes production inkjet as a viable printing tool for any printer interested in profitable growth. "Inkjet technology co-exists with other printing technologies, but its flexibility in productivity, rapid turnaround times and ability to print variable data — while providing attractive profit margins — [...]

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Get More Profitable with Digital Inkjet

Production inkjet is now capable of tackling work that was predominantly offset – at the same quality and with less makeready. As the demand for short-run jobs continues to increase, how can printers maximize profitability? In an article on PrintingNews.com by Richard Romano (Production Inkjet: The Pathway to Profitability, 7/1/16), Ed Pierce, product marketing manager with Fujifilm, said the key to profit is to understand the costs of putting short-run [...]

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InfoTrends Presents Accelerated Inkjet Growth Forecast at Fujifilm Event

During the recent Fujifilm Inkjet Tech Summit held at the Fujifilm Technology Center in Chicago, InfoTrends group director Jim Hamilton delivered a bullish assessment of the growth of inkjet in commercial production print and how it has already surpassed toner as the #1 digital printing option. "InfoTrends estimates that in 2014 more production print revenue was produced on inkjet than on toner-based printing systems. Looking forward, we see inkjet printing [...]

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Consultant Analyzes Fujifilm Inkjet Innovation at drupa 2016

David Zwang takes an indepth look at how Fujifilm is broadening the role inkjet plays for production printers through technological innovations in presses, printheads, inks and workflow (Inkjet drupa 2016 - Continuing the Story - Fujifilm; WhatTheyThink?, May 12, 2016). "Fujifilm is not sitting idly by. The company is continuing to not just develop new technology, but even lead the industry in terms of print technology developments." - David Zwang, [...]

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Fujifilm Pioneers Learning in Growing Inkjet Market

According to a recent study by industry consulting group Smithers Pira, entitled The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2019, the global market growth for inkjet is forecast to grow rapidly at an average growth rate of 12.7% between 2014 and 2019. The consulting group sees inkjet as the enabling technology to significantly improve print supply chains by reducing costs of short runs and printing on-demand, as well as providing an [...]

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Fujifilm J Press 720S Owner Featured in Printing Impressions Digital Finishing Series Article

As part of a four-part series on approaches commercial printers are taking to finish jobs, Printing Impressions author Erik Cagle chose Fujifilm J Press 720S owner, Gilson Graphics, to highlight how the press has streamlined their business (Dash to the Finishing Line: Gilson Graphics of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2/17/16). Gilson Graphics is a $26 million commercial printer servicing the retail, higher education, book publishing and agency verticals and was the [...]

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Discovering New Authors through Digital Printing

As reported recently in a BookBusinessMag.com article entitled Is Digital Printing the Key to a More Nimble Industry, industry consultant Marco Boer shares how digital printing can help publishers and book manufacturers lower their risk in cost-effectively investing in new, aspiring authors. "Digital printing allows publishers the ability to take the risk on an unknown author who could turn out to be a real gem and enable him to get [...]

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