Brand owners today are challenged to respond quickly to changes in the competitive landscape and rapidly changing customer expectations.

Take the competitiveness of the cellular phone market and consider how fast Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others need to respond to competitors changing strategies as they aggressively market to gain new subscribers. One week its “Friends and Family,” then its “Framily” (really Framily?), then its “Cut Your Bill in Half America” or some other offer enticing cellphone users to switch carriers. People are upgrading their smartphones much more frequently today, and each time they switch out hardware, there’s also an opportunity to switch their mobile phone carrier. It’s no surprise that today’s brand manager is thinking in real-time when it comes to their marketing needs.

We call this quick response “brand on demand.” Marketing campaigns today can involve lots of elements including direct mail, in-store graphics as well as TV, radio, digital/internet and other communications. Once a campaign is decided, brand owners want to launch it quickly. If it’s working they expand the campaign. If the results are not there, they want to pull back and investigate a new creative campaign. They expect their vendors to deliver these new campaign elements quickly. They want “Brand on Demand.”

Long gone are the days when a print campaign was conceived and scheduled by a print provider to deliver next quarter. “Order it today, deliver it tomorrow” is the mantra of the brand on demand print buyer…we’re simply living in a brand on demand world.

Digital inkjet printing gives all of us the ability to respond to brand on demand. Ideal for short run and fast turnaround jobs, digital inkjet printing delivers the quality and speed to market that is needed to respond to these competitive situations.

Are you ready to deliver brand on demand?