Acuity LED 40 Series

The Acuity LED 40 series of flatbed printers delivers all of the market-leading image quality, performance and reliability benefits of the Acuity platform from Fujifilm. The Acuity LED 40 features up to eight color channels, including the options of white, varnish and light inks making it all-around solution for print providers.

The versatility of printing high-quality jobs, as well as creative applications enables the Acuity LED 40 to help increase profits. The ability to print on rigid, flexible and even roll substrates gives printer providers additional opportunities to expand their client base. And now with UV-LED curing, the Acuity LED 40 series expands application potential even further to include heat-sensitive materials.

The benefits of the Acuity LED 40 Series of flatbed printers are:

  • UV-LED curing allows for immediate start-up, which results in instant printing with no warm-up time
  • The addition of the High Key print mode for greater throughput
  • New Fujifilm Uvijet KL ink systems features a bright white ink for stunning applications
  • Expanded standard printer features to increase productivity


Acuity LED 40


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Configurations To Suit Business Needs

In addition to the standard CMYK ink set, the Acuity LED 40 series offers a number of options to increase application potential:

  • White + Varnish – Adding these two ink channels allows for printing on a range on non-white substrates and adds a spot varnish or flood coat of varnish in a single pass.
  • White + White – Adding two white ink channels improve the density of white in a single pass, which is ideal for backlit applications.
  • Light Cyan + Light Magenta – Adding these two ink channels enhances the print quality for fine art quality printing by smoothing tones and gradients.

Acuity LED 40 Series Roll Media Option

Acuity Flatbed Series Features

Built on proven technology, the Acuity LED 40 series features a number of elements adapted from the trusted Acuity Flatbed series.

  • Zoned Vacuum Flatbed – Six dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduces the need for bed masking. The double bed has a seventh zone. Adjustable vacuum strength allows for optimum handling of different materials.
  • Pneumatic Registration Pins – Minimize operator setup time. These allow for quick, easy and accurate positioning of material, loading in perfect register. Standard bed version has five pins, the double bed version has ten pins, which can be controlled both automatically and manually.
  • Compact Footprint – Built to fit in the tightest production spaces – the most versatile printer you’ll have on your floor.
  • Roll Media Option – A compact roll-to-roll unit extends the versatility of Acuity LED 40 series printers. High-quality images can be printed on roll media which look great even at close viewing distances.
  • Double Bed Continuous Production Model Option – Expand the standard bed from 98.4″ x 49.2″ (2.5 m x 1.25 m) to double bed size of 98.4″ x 121.3″ (2.5 m x 3.08 m) for printing larger images. Includes dual registration points, so you can set up in one zone while printing on the other zone for nonstop printing.
  • Automatic Maintenance System (AMS) – Automates primary printhead maintenance to take as little as 25 seconds. This reduces the need to use the manual vacuum device to carry out daily maintenance.

Acuity LED 40 Series Specifications

Maximum Print Area

  • Rigid Media: Standard bed – 98.8″ x 49.6″ (2.51 m x 1.26 m)
  • Roll Media: 86.2″ (2.19 m)

Standard Bed Printer Dimensions (W) x (L)

  • Printer Only: 183.5″ x 78.7″ (4.66 m x 2 m); 1,871 lbs (849 kg)
  • Printer & Roll Media Option: 183.5″ x 90.2″ (4.66 m x 2.29 m); 2,423 lbs (1099 kg)
  • Printer Height (both options): 51.2″ (1.3 m)

Maximum Print Area

  • Rigid Media: Double bed – 98.8″ x 121.7″ (2.51 m x 3.09 m)
  • Roll Media: 86.2″ (2.19 m)

Double Bed Printer Dimensions (W) x (L)

  • Printer Only: 183.5″ x 150.8″ (4.66 m x 3.83 m); 6,660 lbs (1,660 kg)
  • Printer & Roll Media Option: 183.5″ x 162.2″ (4.66 m x 4.12 m); 4,211 lbs (1,910 kg)
  • Printer Height (both options): 51.2″ (1.3 m)

Designed specifically for the Acuity LED 40 Series, Uvijet KL inks offer a variety of application flexibility. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including banners, POP, backlit images, exhibition graphics, signage, printing onto glass, metal, acrylic and board.

  • Acuity LED 44: CMYK
  • Acuity LED 46: CMYK + WW or CMYK + WV
  • Acuity LED 48: CMYK + WW or WV + LcLm

  • Caldera Grand RIP: Support for over 800 printers and cutters. Analyze cost on each job printed. Helps designers make corporate spot colors with new Color Book.
  • ColorGATE Production Server (Fujifilm edition): One RIP solution, offering support for over 750 printers and cutters. Sync color between multiple printers with easy 3-step process.

What The Experts Say

With a variety of productive print modes, light and white ink options, and an LED curing system demonstrating excellent environmental benefits with significant cost benefits to users, the Acuity LED 40 Series delivers superior print quality.
Ramona Serafino, Product Marketing Manager, FUJIFILM North America Corp.