A variety of productive print modes. Light and white ink options. An LED UV curing system. The benefits of Fujifilm’s new Acuity LED 40 Series are many. And if those qualities are not enough to catch the eye of today’s print service providers looking for innovative solutions for customers in the sign and display graphics industry, there is much more.

For starters, the mid-volume UV LED flatbed printer can output on substrates such as canvas, wood, tile, glass and heat-sensitive films. It’s the kind of appeal that printers need in today’s ever-competitive landscape.

It’s an appeal that’s worth a look. The Acuity LED 40 Series, the newest addition to the highly successful, renowned Acuity platform, offers superior print quality and application versatility with rigid or flexible substrates. Designed to be a cost-effective printer for growing print service providers as well as existing Acuity customers considering an upgrade, the Acuity LED 40 Series provides production capacity speeds up to 548 square feet per hour, and the double bed offers speeds up to 568 square feet per hour.

“The Acuity LED 40 Series delivers superior print quality,” says Ramona Serafino, Associate Product Marketing Manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “A variety of configuration options along with an LED curing system demonstrates excellent environmental benefits with significant cost benefits to users.”

The standard model enables users to print on media or objects of any size up to 48 x 96 inches, while the X2 (double bed size) model, increases to 98 x 121 inches. The 40 Series also features an added benefit of instant-on for immediate printing, eliminating the need to wait for the printer to warm up, which is an added benefit to customers who are not involved in all-day production runs.

The Acuity LED 40 Series utilizes a new LED ink by Fujifilm, Uvijet KL, and is available with four, size or eight color channels. Users have the option to add light inks and varnish for stunning, high-value applications, and also upgrade to Fujifilm’s brightest white UV ink, ideal for backlit and fine art applications.

Additionally, all of Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, a stringent certification benchmark with regard to sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly, ensuring the output is suitable for use in environments including schools and healthcare facilities.acuity led 40, acuity led 40 roll to roll

As a member of the Acuity platform, the Acuity LED 40 Series offers a number of elements adapted from the Acuity flatbed series:

  • Zones Vacuum Flatbed. Six dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduces the need for bed masking. The double bed has a seventh zone. Adjustable vacuum strength allows for optimum handling of different materials.
  • Pneumatic Registration Pins. Minimizes setup time, allowing for quick, easy and accurate positioning of material and loading in perfect register. Standard bed version has five pins, the double bed version has 10 mins, which can be controlled both automatically and manually.
  • Compact Footprint. Built to fit in the tightest production spaces.
  • Roll Media Option. A compact roll-to-roll unit extends its versatility. High-quality images can be printed on roll media.
  • Double Bed Continuous Production Model Option. Expand the standard bed from 98.4 inches x 49.2 inches to double bed size of 98.4 inches x 121.3 inches for printing larger images. Includes dual registration points, so it can set up in one zone while printing on the other zone for nonstop printing.
  • Automatic Maintenance System (AMS). Automates primary printhead maintenance to take as little as 25 seconds. This reduces the need to use the manual vacuum device to carry out daily maintenance.

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