See the Acuity LED 3200R in action.

The High-Performance LED Hybrid

The Fujifilm Acuity LED 3200R is a superwide format printer designed to produce high quality display and exhibition graphics in the most cost-effective way. Fujifilm technology in LED UV curing and ink chemistry work in conjunction to give a profitable solution.

Produce a wide range of applications on flexible media with this dedicated roll device: Banners, window displays, wall graphics, backlits, even customized wallpapers – all with the benefits of low energy consumption and efficiency of fast start up.

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How LED UV is Better for Your Business

The Acuity LED 3200R offers print service providers the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Instant print performance without a warm-up delay.
  • Minimal daily maintenance and nominal printhead replacement.
  • Lower utility bills with a 4.3kW maximum power consumption – a fraction of conventional curing systems.
  • Ability to fulfill heat sensitive media applications.
  • Little odor, making the Acuity LED 3200R suitable in most working environments without dedicated extraction.

Fujifilm Acuity LED 3200R Technology & Specifications

The Acuity LED 3200R has a full LED lamp curing system which is precisely tuned to cure Uvijet ink in a two-stage process. Small, low-dose LED pinning lamps close to the printhead freeze the dot, while the main LED curing lamps fully cure the print which is ready to use right away.
The Acuity LED 3200R uses a print quality management system to ensure uninterrupted production. This system enables full quality printing to continue without running a cleaning cycle. It is perfect for getting rush jobs completed without compromising quality. Missing or defective printhead nozzles are automatically detected and cleaned. Nozzles that don’t clear automatically are replaced by other functioning nozzles.

Physical Dimensions with bulk capacity ink unit: 224.5” x 47.5” x 57” (5.7 x 1.2 x 1.44 m); Weight – 2,000 lbs (910 kg)

Maximum Media Width: Media width – Single roll: 128” (3,250 mm) | Twin rolls: 60” (210 mm) x 2; Print Width – 126” (3200mm)

Maximum Media Thickness: 1.0mm (.039”) or less

Maximum Print Speed: 1,184 sq ft/hr (110 sq m/hr) CMYK configuration

The Acuity LED 3200R has a high speed, four-color UV LED cured ink set. Made using Fujifilm’s Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology, Uvijet LF is engineered to jet a precise dot as small as 7 picoliters. Uvijet LF inks offer higher pigmentation, a wide color gamut and produce strong, vibrant images.
The Acuity LED 3200R delivers with the AL RIP standard, but it also has compatibility with Caldera and ColorGATE.

Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

These options for the Acuity LED 3200R makes it possible to be uber efficient. Check out these advantages:

  • Static suppression option: Removes the static electricity charge that can affect print quality on materials like PVC.
  • Soft media option (SMO): Stable printing on thin or soft materials that could tear or crease when moving through the printer.
  • Media lifter option: Easily load and unload large rolls up to 128″ wide.