If you think personalized license plates was the last word in car customization, think again. As featured in a recent GraphicDisplayWorld.com article, Netherlands-based Tismo Products BV is using Fujifilm Uvijet KV thermoforming ink for car dashboard personalization. The new line of Uvijet KV ink helps printers print vibrant colors without cracking or flaking during the thermoforming process.

“Demand for personalized consumer products has been growing rapidly, which has created a big gap in the market for a number of industrial applications,” managing director Hendre Vos says. “Furthermore, we found customers who were looking for a supplier that doesn’t only print and form personalized products, but also offer a platform to sell it. We decided to start off our new venture by responding to the demand for personalized, digitally printed thermoformed products in the form of car dashboard covers. This was when Super Click Covers was born.”

Once the business plan was finalized, they reached out to trusted partner Fujifilm for a solution.

“I am absolutely amazed by the ink’s stretch capabilities,” Vos says.

So far, Super Click Covers is a success with customers and designers, with Tismo Products BV producing a range of personalized dashboard covers five days a week.

Fujifilm is excited about the opportunity to offer KV thermoforming ink to the North American market. We’re always inspired by the ingenuity of our clients with our products. In particular, we foresee traditional silkscreen thermoforming businesses being able to now offer cost effective, short run thermoformed items to their customers. What use for these inks do you think will be dreamed up next?

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