According to Stafford Textiles Limited, wide format printers will be transitioning to the benefits of Grandform Eco PE woven polyethylene substrate from traditional PVC for bulletin billboards. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Lower Freight Costs. PE weighs 5 ounces, 28% less than PVC vinyl. Freight savings typically range from $.003 to $.012 per square foot when you take advantage of lighter weight PE.
  2. Unique Properties of PE. Stafford has developed the Grandform Eco PE substrate in 197″ widths with no seams. The material exhibits excellent stretching properties, resistance to cold weather, excellent hot air welding properties, and superb strength and dimensional stability. Bulletin billboards made with Stafford Grandform Eco PE retain excellent graphics even a year after being posted outdoors.
  3. Recycling Benefits. Grandform Eco PE is 100% recyclable. Recycling companies such as Avangard Innovative will purchase waste Grandform Eco PE no matter how much ink is printed on it. This changes the disposal process from a cost center to a profit center!
  4. Operational Savings. 100 billboards manufactured from 5 oz. PE material weigh approximately 1200 lbs. less than the same billboards made from PVC. The savings from processing, handling and finishing lower weights can lead to less stress on workers and potentially lower insurance costs for both printers and outdoor companies.
  5. Grand Format Press Compatibility. Modern presses, like the Uvistar from Fujifilm are engineered to provide brilliant UV graphics on recyclable, lighter weight materials like Grandform Eco PE

The billboard pictured in this Inklings blog post features Stafford’s Grandform Eco PE printed on Uvistar from Fujifilm.