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Simpsons Printing Stays on Track with Acuity Select

Kathy Simpson, left, proudly looks on as husband Dan, center, President & CEO, and son Jon, Vice President, stand in their Rapid City, S.D. facility. Craftsmanship. Accountability. Quality printing. Personal attention to customer relationships. A commercial printer since 1965, Simpsons Printing has served as one of the perfect examples of what a family-owned business must do to stay on the cutting edge in today’s ever-competitive marketplace. For example, [...]

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Inca Digital and Fujifilm team up to provide a successful service support program for customers in Canada

Customer Support teams based at Inca Digital UK headquarters and Chicago provide first-line phone support for customers based in Canada. Inca Digital Printers and FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division announce that they are working together to provide an extensive service support program for Inca Digital flatbed printer customers in Canada. In the new arrangement, Inca is overseeing the first-line of support for all customers in Canada. Whilst capable [...]

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How Do you Make an Onset?

Ever wondered how an Onset is built? Watch this quick time lapse video and watch an Onset being created from the raw frame to the finished press being loaded on the curtained truck.

Labels without Limits: Meet the Graphium Hybrid Press

By John G. BracelandPublished: August 22, 2014 Digital printing has been in the commercial print space for some time now. We are continuing to see equipment enter the marketplace that is geared to packaging applications. The latest product, called Graphium, is from a unique partnership. Fujifilm’s J Press is a hybrid of a conventional sheetfed press and a digital printing unit. The Graphium offers a combination of digital printing, conventional flexo [...]

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Onset Scalable Architecture Video

This quick animation explains the new scalable architecture of  the Inca Onset series of printers being manufactured today. With unprecedented flexibility, customers can upgrade or expand their Onset to fit their changing business needs.

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Color Ink coasts with an Inca Onset Q40i digital flatbed printer to create a unique 3D bobsled

Realistic Olympic bobsled replica created with exceptional structural design and solid printing   18 August 2014 – Working with a tight deadline and a challenging assignment, Color Ink delivered its client realistic 1:1 scale models of Olympic bobsleds in time for the Olympics. Established in 1984, Color Ink, Inc. employs over 120 people working in 100,000+ square feet of production space in Sussex, WI, USA. They have a well-deserved reputation [...]

Fit For Purpose Labels

Graphium provides the versatility to print labels for almost any conceivable packaging purpose.

Graphium in Action Video

Manufactured by FFEI Ltd. in the UK, Graphium is exclusively distributed, marketed, serviced and supported by Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division in North America.

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How Direct Mail Integrates with Online Marketing to Make Campaigns More Successful

It seems like everything we hear today is about digital communications. Email, blogs, and social media seem to be the only focus of marketing efforts by big brands and retailers. What about traditional marketing? Today I received a Google AdWords offer. In the mail. So why is Google using direct mail? Knowing Google, they probably have data that proves it works. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has data. They recently [...]

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