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J Press 720 Testimonial

Doug Boysen of Wright Printing in Omaha, Nebraska talks about his J Press 720 press.

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J Press 720 Overview

Experience this video that gives an overview of how the future in commercial printer is available today.

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J Press 720 Introduction

Enjoy this  introductory J Press 720 video - the first inkjet half sheet printer developed specifically for offset.

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Quality Control Video

Watch this video to experience the technologies J Press 720 employs to ensure quality control.

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Illinois Printer Talks Onset

Mark Taylor, president of GFX Printing in Grayslake, Illinois shares his experiences with Onset wide format inkjet printing.

3 Things Every Offset Printer Should Know About Inkjet

Marco Boer, Vice President at IT Strategies shares the three things everyone should know about inkjet in this informational blog posting in INKLINGS. The three important facts every commercial offset printer should know about inkjet include: Inkjet technology is a well-established one that is reliable and proven on the substrates it has traditionally printed on. But it's too early in the journey to expand the range of substrates on which [...]

7 Steps to Choose an Inkjet

Bill Baxter, founder of Inca Digital, shared this list with us at a recent Fujifilm Tech Summit. We at Fujifilm couldn't agree more with Mr. Baxter's comments: Throw away the brochure you are given. Ask for a demo. Send your files and your substrates to the Demo Site. Bring a stopwatch and a few extra files that you "forgot" to send so you can experience the RIP process. Print your [...]

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Is VDP Right for You? #2

Getting Into the Variable Data Printing (VDP) Game At its core, variable data printing still is a direct marketing strategy. And to do it, your clients must have data on their customers and prospects - data that can be self-generated by your client company or purchased from third-party vendors. Lists, which are available in a range of options, can be tailored to their exact needs. Take the concept of variable [...]

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Is VDP Right for You? #1

Variable Data Printing Represents a Game Changer for Printers It all comes down to information. In today's highly competitive, ever-changing climate, the power of information - who has it, who can get it and how - can be the difference between success and failure for any business in any market segment. "It is somewhat like the chicken or egg story. You have to have the work to justify the investment, [...]

Fujifilm and Heidelberg Join Forces in Inkjet Printing

November 5, 2013 FUJIFILM Corporation together with FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. (Fujifilm), and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) have unveiled a strategic partnership in the area of inkjet printing. Strategic global collaboration targets growth potential in commercial and packaging markets Heidelberg gains access to Fujifilm's market-leading Inkjet technology, and Fujifilm will leverage Heidelberg's strengths in engineering and manufacturing Synergies expected by leveraging sales strength and global customer service network [...]

Capturing the Campaign – #2

Integrating New Technologies, Capabilities Brings Printers to The Marketing Table Part 2 of a two-part series on how technology can help printers capture more print buyer business. With greater customer insight, marketers are now able to bridge the Web and offline worlds and make printed materials more meaningful and actionable to an individual. Despite printing smaller volumes, organizations can achieve greater impact with printed pieces and ensure they're optimizing every [...]

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